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Is 2013 a Hot Job Market for Engineering?

by Laura Shoults

I’m often asked by engineers, “How is the job market out there?”

Simply stated, jobs for engineers are picking up! Businesses are rebounding and positioning themselves for growth, and are now looking to add to their teams. Hiring leaders are looking for the right engineer, making sure to hire for both culture fit within their group, and for key bench strength to help their team take it to the next level.  According to a recent article on, “Employers are taking advantage of the engineering marketplace selectively.” Employers are looking to fill specific expertise where they have gaps, or know that a specific experience will add value to their team.

Does this mean that companies will not consider a sharp problem solver with excellent business acumen, even if they do not fit that “specific expertise”? They will absolutely consider them! An increasing trend I am seeing, as medium- to large-sized companies add to their talent pool within technical fields, is that companies value both strategic thinking AND key experience needed for their business.  Here in our Minnesota market, hiring teams who recognize during the interview process that they have the right person, should know they need to act quickly, otherwise they may loose their up-and-coming key player. At Versique Search & Consulting, we have seen this trend play out numerous times over the last year. If you have the right person, make the offer, or you’ll likely lose them in this hot market.

To elaborate a little more on ways that Minnesota employers are bringing on strategic hires, we are seeing hiring authorities look for leaders and individual contributors who will help the company achieve its goals. Strategic hires would include individuals who can bring about changes like the following: aggressively targeting new product development at a lower cost, bringing better products to the market faster, exceeding customer expectations, and growing market share.

Meeting all of these metrics will require a key engineering team in place.  So when I am asked, “Is the job market for engineering jobs hot?” the answer is YES!

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