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3 Important Tips for a New Hire’s First Week

by Caroline McMahon

The Importance of a New Hire’s First Week.

We’ve all been there, maybe on both sides. You show up to your first day of work, get escorted to your new desk and your email doesn’t work, you don’t have a scheduled day, and you aren’t sure how you are going to fill the next 8 hours. Or, your new employee reports for their first day of work, none of their technology works, you aren’t prepared for them, and you have your daily work to do unable to assist them through the transition. Being on either side is tough. Those first few weeks with a new hire are crucial to make sure they are fully integrated into your company culture and processes. Here at Versique, we have a few tips we use to make a new hire’s first day and week memorable and productive for both sides.

3 Tips to Make It Smooth for Employer and New Employee


1. Prepare, prepare, and prepare some more.Screen Shot 2015 07 07 at 3.09.54 PM - 3 Important Tips for a New Hire's First Week - Versique

With most new hires, you should have at least two weeks in advance notice of their start date. This gives you plenty of time to make sure you are prepared for them. Here at Versique, we use a checklist amongst our corporate services department to make sure no aspects are missed. The checklist includes everything from tech set-up, to their training schedule, and making sure we have swagged out their desk with plenty of Versique goodies. This checklist helps us make sure when they sit down at their desk on the first day they are ready to hit the ground running.


2. Create a training plan tailored to your company and the new hire.

Training plans are often not one-size-fits-all. When preparing for a new hire it is best to create a plan that will keep them engaged and focused throughout their training. At Versique, we have template training plans we use and I sit down with the manager prior to each new hire’s start date to tailor the plan to that new hire. We also schedule intro meetings with each practice area manager so that the new hire can get to know them, their area of work, and how they can support each other. Be sure to beware of loading up the employee too much in the first few days. Think about when you were a new employee; having a few minutes to breathe in between meetings and digest what you learned is crucial.


3. Go the extra mile to make them feel welcomed on their first day.

At Versique, we often refer to ourselves as a “work family,” so we like to treat new hires as our newest member of the Versique family. Their first day starts with a welcome breakfast with the entire company to give them the chance to briefly get an introduction to everyone at the office. We have found these introduction breakfasts to not only be fun for current employees but very impactful for new hires. The rest of their first day is scheduled for myself, their manager, and members of senior leadership. This helps the relationship between HR and leadership begin as an open line of communication from day one.

Although the prework for a new hire may seem tedious and time-consuming, it can make a big impact on the success and retention rates at your company. Preparing for their arrival, creating a detailed training plan, and making sure they feel welcome will all help your new hire get acclimated to your company and settled in more quickly.



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