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4 Secrets to a Successful First Day on the Job

by Julie Strantz

At some point throughout our career, most of us will make a decision to secure a position with a new company. While switching jobs can be an exciting time, there are a number of uncertainties as well. Everything from where your new desk will be, to how you’ll get along with the other members of your team is up in the air. The question everyone asks themselves on the night before their first day is, “What exactly can I expect?”

Let’s talk about four factors on both the employee’s and company’s sides that can make the transition smooth for everyone.

1. Manager Involvement

It’s always nice to know you are working with a great manager. Ideally, your new manager will be clear on the steps of bringing you up to speed and play an active role in setting you up for success.

While everyone works a little differently, there’s a learning curve for everyone at a brand new job. A great manager can make all the difference in how smooth the transition will be.

2. Clear Processes

When there is a process in place for on-boarding, the transition is generally a bit smoother than it would be otherwise. In my first couple of days here at Versique, and even into the second week, I realized just how simple a process can make things.

On my first day, there were “get to know you” meetings on my calendar, various trainings on both business acumen and company standards on my desk, as well as ample free time to allow me to get comfortable with the company’s systems. This provided me with a sense of ease and comfort in those early days.

3. Openness

During those first days as a new employee, one comes to realize that there are often different ways to approach matters or different processes to follow. It is important to be open to change, to learn what is working for that company or in that particular role.

When I first started, I came to realize that while I had experience with the applicant tracking system Versique used, there were some variations in how it was being utilized. Allowing myself to be flexible and open to change in how I would use the program going forward, helped me to make a smooth transition and get up to speed much quicker.

4. Patience

With a new job, employees generally want to dive in and start doing the actual “work” as quickly as possible. Having patience for getting ramped up is important as there will be a learning curve no matter how new or seasoned an employee is in their field.

During those first few weeks in my new role, it was important to follow through with those meetings and trainings so I could have the tools necessary to do the best job I could. It is that patience that will help me to continue grow and be successful in my role and with Versique.

No matter how exciting – and perhaps even scary – starting a new position can be, remember that you were hired for your skills, experience, and match to the position. Stay confident, ask questions, and be open to what may be expected during those first few days/weeks. It will not take long for you to settle in and begin to feel more comfortable as you acclimate to the new role and company.

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