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9 IT Job Secrets Revealed [Q & A]

by Versique

The Versique IT permanent placement recruiters recently held a Twitterview, which helped answer various questions on topics related to the IT job market in Minneapolis. Here are a few of the best questions and answers from the Twitterview.

Q. What do I do if my company gives me a counter offer?

A. Twitter response: “A counter offer alerts your employer that you are actively looking. Revisit your motivation for leaving.”

The details:
If you are interested in taking a look at the job market, understand your motivation for leaving your current position. If you are very happy in your current position, but looking for a salary increase, the best way to proceed is to ask your employer for a raise. If your motivation to make a career move goes beyond a salary increase, be aware that your current employer may give you a counter offer upon resignation. Keep in mind, accepting a counter offer alerts your current employer that you are on the job market, and your current employer may look to fill your position. Continue to revisit your motivation to make a career move throughout your job search and you will be prepared to decline a counter offer when and if the time comes.

Q. Would you say the job market is becoming more or less competitive compared to 2 years ago? What’s the future forecast? 

A. Twitter response: “More competitive now. It’s a candidate driven market. Jobs are open. Clients are looking for specific candidates.”

The details: With a more candidate-driven job market at this time, employers can be more selective. Our recruiters have noticed that employers are looking for candidates who not only have the technical background desired, but also fit in with the company culture. As a candidate, it is important to identify what type of company culture is best for you. Once you have identified what type of company culture makes sense to you, you can research the companies you are interested in to decide if working for those companies will be the best fit for you.

Q. When writing an IT resume, what kind of info stands out most? Skills? Experiences? Certificates?

A. Twitter response: “Hiring mngrs look for tech skills. Have a grid on your resume with languages, databases, & systems you know.”

The details:
Skills, experience, and certificates are all important on an IT resume. To best highlight your exposure to certain technologies, it may help to have a grid on your resume with the languages, databases and systems. Many times, a hiring manager will conduct a keyword search of your resume. By having a grid with your technical skills, a hiring manager can quickly determine whether or not you could be a fit for a technical role.

Q. What is the benefit of working with a recruiter?

A. Twitter response: “Many benefits! Recruiters work directly with hiring managers and can represent you better than your resume.”

The details: Working with a recruiter in such a hot job market can be a strong benefit to any candidate. At Versique, our recruiters work to get the best understanding of what our candidates are looking for. We meet with all of our candidates to discuss what their ideal next career move may be. In addition, a recruiter will meet with all clients to determine the best mutual fit of candidates to clients. Working with a recruiter can help a candidate get their foot in the door to desirable companies. When representing candidates to clients, recruiters make sure to highlight the candidate’s technical skills, personal traits, and where the candidate may excel in the open position.

Q. What’s the best way to stand out when all the competition (of other candidates) is great?

A. Twitter response: “Use a recruiter for networking and resume writing tips. We’ve seen both the best and the worst!”

The details: What a great question! Many larger companies in the Twin Cities may have many applicants with similar backgrounds. This answer ties into question one, as working with a recruiter has many benefits to candidates. Recruiters view multiple resumes per day and have insight to what the hiring manager at each company is looking for. Our recruiters can help by giving tips to highlight your applicable skills, tailored to job requirements. Furthermore, we can help you put your best foot forward to land the best position to match your background!

Q. What tips do you have for a first interview?

A. Twitter response: “Research the company & prepare 3-5 Qs for the interviewer. Arrive early. Bring your resume. Dress to impress.”

The details: Being prepared for an interview by doing research on the company, coming up with thoughtful questions to ask the interviewer, and better understanding the company culture can set a candidate apart from others. Whether you are on your first job search right out of college or you are a seasoned professional, check out this blog for tips on how to land a job.

Q. If you want to make more money, what’s the best way to present that to your employer?

A. Twitter response: “Just ask! Ask your employer and be prepared to present reasons why you deserve the raise you desire.”

The details:
It is as simple as that! Just ask. Prepare by reviewing the reasoning behind your desired raise and go for it.
Q. What tips can you give for negotiating a higher starting salary?

A. Twitter response: “Research industry averages. Be honest with your salary expectations from the start.”

The details:
Open and honest communication between your possible future employer will help you to better negotiate your starting salary. Be confident in the reasons why you desire a higher starting salary and explain that reasoning when negotiating.
 Q. How many Fortune-500 companies are in Minnesota?

A. Twitter response: “Minnesota has 19 Fortune 500 companies, the 2nd most Fortune 500 companies per capita in the United States.”

The details:
Minnesota comes in second next to Connecticut with the most Fortune 500 companies per capita. Interested in working for a Fortune 500 company? Speak with one of our recruiters for more information on current openings and hiring trends.

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