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A Recruiter’s Secret Weapon? Follow Up!

by Versique

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As an executive recruiter, do you know the single most important activity you can do to create a strong relationship with you that will last long after the deal is done? Follow up!

In theory, it’s not difficult to return an email or phone call; however, when I speak with candidates about their experiences with recruiters, they often say they’ve spoken with many, but worked with few.

Often, I hear candidates say they hear from recruiters at the 11th hour. They try to get the candidate’s information as quickly as possible to submit for a job in the hopes of landing a phone interview, but too often, the candidate never hears from them again. I’ve heard these experiences time and again and I witness first-hand the negativity it breeds and the harm it does to the relationship-building process.

In today’s candidate-driven market, a solid follow-up strategy is a must. Here are a few tips to ensure that process:

  • Communication Is Key: Make an effort to have consistent follow-up with the candidate; it gives the candidate assurance that you are also following up with the client.
  • Branding: Your personal brand, and your agency’s brand, is what builds your reputation as a recruiter and helps secure new clients and candidates. If you lack follow-through, candidates and clients will wonder how seriously you take your business.
  • Feedback: Every candidate wants feedback after submitting their information, and yet, recruiters don’t always get back to candidates. That can make candidates feel spurned by the company which puts your personal brand, your client’s brand, and your agency’s brand reputation on the line. That should matter.
  • Appreciate: The job search can be stressful. There is nothing worse than sending a resume to someone for your dream job and then never hearing back. When you offer your candidates personalized feedback, make an effort to remind them how appreciative you are of their time.

Any good relationship between a recruiter and a candidate extends beyond the first phone call. It should spread through the entire recruiting process and even beyond. If it results in a job offer, a good recruiter will follow up after a candidate starts their new job, simply to check and make sure they are settling into their new role.

On the candidate side, you should expect consistent contact throughout the process. If you’re not getting that, think about working with another recruiter or agency. As in any relationship, it might just take some looking to find someone who will follow-up and help you through the process. I promise, we do exist!

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