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Our certified experts are committed to activating the talent of your organization by recruiting candidates using our unique, thorough, and time-tested formula.

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The Importance of Talent Activation

When your company makes a hiring mistake, the financial hit you incur is significant. Restarting the hiring process, repeating training, and outsourcing short-term work to pick up the work load gets costly in a hurry. A bad hire also can bring about additional consequences, such as declining productivity, a dent in company culture, and the loss of morale for your employees.

You want your employees to have confidence that when your business pulls the trigger on a hire that you’re making the right decision. A bad hire weakens that confidence.

Our Talent Activation Process minimizes the chance of making the wrong hire!

The Process in Action

Without over simplifying our process, before starting to recruit, we conduct a series of interviews with our clients to ensure we have an intimate understanding of the right culture fit, job & skill fit and lastly the potential career progression for the individual you hire. Alignment in all three areas has proven to Active Talent which results in HIGH PERFORMANCE and HIGH RETENTION. A similar process is done with each and every candidate we present.

A quick glance over a resume may tell you whether or not a candidate has the skill set to handle the responsibilities of a position, but to ensure a perfect fit you have to really get to know the candidate —and make sure they align with the company.

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