HR Analytics and Workforce Planning

We help organizations make better decisions based on data insights.

Versique HR Analytics consultants assist businesses using analytical findings to produce actionable recommendations and inform data-driven strategies.  By discovering  meaningful patterns in data, organizations can better understand what’s working and what isn’t to optimize key business processes overtime.

Cost of Attrition and Predictive Modeling

When good employees leave businesses, there’s additional stress and expense as managers and employees try to fill the work gap and deliver the same level of service to customers. To reduce attrition, a Versique Predicative Analytics and Market Research Consultant recently developed predictive voluntary attrition models for a large, global medical device leader. Additionally he/she educated global finance teams on applied analytics.  With predictive analytics, our client can now reveal trends and causes of turnover, discover how business is being impacted and develop a strategic plan to move forward.

Our consultant successfully established an analytics function by building an essential extended team required for data development and created a cost-effective technology and software platform to take advantage of multiple data sets. Additionally, our consultant launched an internal corporate analytics forum, reinvigorated an external analytics forum and established a cost-effective technology and software platform to view expansive data sets.

HR Scorecard Design and KPI Selection

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have become critically important when it comes to measuring and determining how well an organization is meeting its set operational and strategic HR goals. However, different businesses and industries have different KPIs, depending on their respective performance criteria or priorities. The first step is to identify and define KPIS. To help our client keep score and better track its performance, our consultant assisted by identifying and overhauling key HR metrics and focal reporting through making recommendations for Key Performance Indicator design and planning.

Engagement Analysis

Adequate employee engagement can bring a real competitive advantage, however, raising engagement levels and maintaining them can be a challenge and a considerable investment.  Our consultant performed an analysis of Employee Engagement results to look for correlation in terms of movement, structure, tenure and rewards program participation. In addition, our consultant conducted analysis to help enhance customer acquisition and retention planning.

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