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We help organizations make better decisions based on data insights.
Data has become an essential tool for human resource departments to analyze in order to improve performance, predict in-demand skills and positions and help to identify attrition and its causes. Having a consultant step in to conduct such work will help companies better prepare for the future. At Versique, our HR consulting team specializes in supplying HR talent solutions to our Twin Cities clients.

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Versique HR Analytics consultants help businesses optimize their core processes by identifying data patters and implementing actionable recommendations. This helps organizations better understand what is working and what isn’t, dramatically increasing efficiency and improving effectiveness. Here are three placement profiles that demonstrate the difference Versique consultants can make for you.

  • Project 1: Cost of Attrition & Predictive Modeling
  • Project 2: HR Scorecard Design & KPI Selection
  • Project 3: Engagement Analysis


Project 1: Cost of Attrition & Predictive Modeling

When good employees leave businesses, additional stresses and expenses arise, as managers and employees try to fill the gaps and deliver (maintain?) the same level of service to customers. In order to reduce attrition, a Versique Predicative Analytics and Market Research Consultant recently developed predictive voluntary attrition models for a global medical device leader.

Additionally, he educated global finance teams on applied analytics. With these predictive analytics tools, our clients can now diagnose trends and causes of turnover, discover its overall business impact, and develop a strategic plan to move forward.


Project 2: HR Scorecard Design & KPI Selection

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have become critically important in measuring and determining how well an organization can meet operational and strategic HR goals. However, in order to accurately measure these industry-specific KPIs, businesses must first define their respective performance criteria and priorities.

One of our consultants recently helped overhaul a client’s KPIs to better track employee performance and align HR strategy with the overall business objectives. Drawing on her extensive understanding of key HR metrics, she was able to directly impact focal reporting and design for years to come.


Project 3: Engagement Analysis

Engagement analysis can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Adequate employee engagement brings a real competitive advantage to the marketplace. However, raising and maintaining engagement levels can be both a challenge and a considerable investment.

A Versique consultant analyzed various Employee Engagement reports and found a correlation between movement, structure, tenure, and rewards programs. Our consultant also contextualized this analysis to enhance customer acquisition and retention planning.


The three talent profiles above represent just a sliver of our vast network of talented HR consultants. If your company needs dynamic, HR talent, contact our team today!



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