Jenny Kriha

Director, Client Partnerships | HR Consulting

Jenny is a successful business development professional with over 19 years of experience. In her role as Director of Client Partnerships, Jenny acts as a liaison between the internal team and Versique’s clients.She has invested in strong relationships with business owners and leaders throughout numerous professions including HR, marketing, finance and business sectors including manufacturing, education, business services, housing, healthcare, retail, salon/spa, lifestyle and more.

Her success comes through building trusting relationships, having solid client management skills focused on strategy and growth, and using her networking to benefit her clients. Jenny is a team player who excels at presenting creative solutions to help her clients grow their business.


Jenny’s Approach

Her strong management skills allow her to consistently find the right balance to keep all stakeholders invested and moving forward. She treats client projects as her own because she is genuinely excited and passionate about what she is helping them to achieve.

Jenny takes pride in being part of a team of highly professional, smart and capable HR Consulting professionals that all wear multiple hats every day. Versique’s HR Consulting team is a close-knit and highly productive group of experienced professionals. If you’re looking for an HR Consulting partner, look no further than the experts at Versique.

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About Versique

Versique is one of the largest recruiting firms in the Midwest and specializes in both consulting (Information Technology & Human Resources) and permanent placement. With a valuable blend of functional, industry and recruiting experience, our award-winning team of headhunters has a proven track record of delivering exceptional talent acquisition solutions. The Versique brand represents a powerful combination of “versatile” and “unique” as it hints at the concept of “search” in its pronunciation: ver-seek.

Versatile: We have thirteen specialized teams: Finance & Accounting | Human Resources | Information Technology | Engineering & Operations | Sales | Marketing | Consumer Packaged Goods | Healthcare | Manufacturing | Family Owned | Executive Search | Demand Generation | Banking & Financial Services

Unique: Our Talent Activation Process has consistently proven to deliver high performance and high retention for our clients.

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