Jordan Madson

Account Executive | HR Consulting

Jordan Madson is an Account Executive on Versiques HR Consulting Team. As a part of the team, Jordan fosters strong, lasting relationships with clients, learning what their unique needs are. He also consults on talent solutions, applying the knowledge he gains from the client relationship to ensure the best candidate for each client served.

Jordan joins Versique after eight years as a sales leader at a multi-faceted, “Million Dollar Round Table” insurance agency. He also brings his strong communications skills to the table, building open and transparent communications channels with each client. When Jordan isn’t working, he enjoys travelling and learning languages, writing poetry, and spending time with his friends and family.

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About Versique

Versique is one of the largest recruiting firms in the Midwest and specializes in both consulting (Information Technology & Human Resources) and permanent placement. With a valuable blend of functional, industry and recruiting experience, our award-winning team of headhunters has a proven track record of delivering exceptional talent acquisition solutions. The Versique brand represents a powerful combination of “versatile” and “unique” as it hints at the concept of “search” in its pronunciation: ver-seek.

Versatile: We have thirteen specialized teams: Finance & Accounting | Human Resources | Information Technology | Engineering & Operations | Sales | Marketing | Consumer Packaged Goods | Healthcare | Manufacturing | Family Owned | Executive Search | Demand Generation | Banking & Financial Services

Unique: Our Talent Activation Process has consistently proven to deliver high performance and high retention for our clients.

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