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Visibility and brand awareness are essential in the staffing world. Recruiters need to find the top candidates as much as top candidates need to find recruiters. Without visibility, more it becomes challenging to reach major goals. But how do you build brand awareness in a fast paced, progressively minded industry? You could advertise on TV, radio, newspaper, or even a billboard – but not so fast! These advertising methods have little value because they are difficult to provide measurement for ROI.

It’s Your Time to Shine

People are more likely to do business with a company that they trust. Trust is developed over time by displaying an ability to fulfill the needs of your clients and customers. If you want your brand to be known as an industry leader, you must portray yourself as one. This is where your industry knowledge and thought leadership comes into play. It’s one thing to be a successful, innovative, well known brand – but it’s another to be viewed as a thought leader. Thought leadership is often viewed as the beginning of a relationship – similar to networking. Thought leadership is intriguing to others because it demonstrates an expertise in a particular subject matter. This opportunity to enrich the knowledge of others can often be the first step towards developing a stronger brand name.

Help Us, Help You

Our extensive industry knowledge and unique digital marketing capabilities are what set us apart. Parqa is able to blend Versique’s 350+ years of combined recruiting experience, with a dedicated in-house online marketing team. This powerful combination allows us to deliver top of the line digital marketing services to staffing agencies across the country.

Our fully certified online marketing team has the capability to develop, optimize, and promote unique online marketing content that builds brand awareness amongst your target audience.

Brand awareness can be built using a variety of strategies and channels – but they key is consistency and individuality. Parqa’s online marketing team has developed brand awareness for staffing agencies across the country and we can help yours too!


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Increase Followers & Reach

Social media provides the perfect avenue to interact with potential customers and clients, so your social strategy should be less about posting updates about your company and more about generating useful content.  Successful social media strategies vary from company to company and are not ready-made.  At Parqa, we’ll provide you with targeted and strategic social media campaigns that will help the right people see your content and the right moment.


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Drive Valuable Traffic to the Website

Blogging is about generating great content focused around your industry and is an excellent way to boost your companies visibility and gain thought leadership in your marketplace.  How do we know?  We’ve done it ourselves.

Stay Top of Mind

Help your clients keep you top of mind after you leave, with marketing materials such as recruiter fact sheets,  capability presentations, etc.

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All members of the Parqa Online Marketing team are Accredited Professionals.



Each member of the Parqa Online Marketing team has received the Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification.


Google Partners

Parqa maintains a Certified Google Partners status. This means that each member of the Parqa online marketing team is Google AdWords certified.