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Tired of Cold Calling? Parqa Can Help Clients Find You!

We understand that staffing and recruiting is all about building and maintaining relationships, and while placements aren’t made online alone, organizations & companies are turning to the internet to help them find what they’re looking for.

New client generation is not easy, but it can be done effectively. It all begins with brand awareness and trust. These two factors can make you or break you in the staffing world.

In the onslaught of the digital age, online initiatives are the most effective way for staffing firms to increase their new client leads. In particular, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per click ads (PPC) have played a vital role when it comes to generating new client leads. With more than 3.5 billion Google searches done each day, your website has the potential to be seen by thousands of new potential clients each day.

While SEO and PPC are at the foundation of new client leads, marketing automation is also essential for nurturing those new client leads.  By combining all three strategies, you are able to create a lead generating machine that produces valuable client partnerships.

Tired of Cold Calling? Want to drive more New Clients to your Website?

Parqa's talented digital marketing team can help clients find you.

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Since we were started within Versique, an executive search firm specializing in a number of practice areas, we understand the value of a true business partnership. However, developing strong business partnerships can be a grind – especially if your staffing firm is not well known. This is the perfect opportunity to boost your marketplace presence with a customized online marketing strategy.

Not sure what the ideal strategy is for your staffing firm? Parqa’s online marketing team has tested, implemented and evaluated numerous successful online marketing strategies for staffing firms across the country. Our online marketing tactics have established Versique as an industry leading search firm – and now we intend to provide the same success into your staffing firm.

Our new client lead generation strategies and tactics include:

What happens when you have established clients but insufficient candidates to fill their openings? Parqa can also help you generate more qualified candidates.

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Parqa maintains a Certified Google Partners status. This means that each member of the Parqa online marketing team is Google AdWords certified.