Finance & Accounting Salary Guide

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Finance & Accounting Salary Guide

Finance & Accounting

How competitive is your Finance & Accounting salary? Is your company able to attract top talent in the Minneapolis / St. Paul job market? Find out with a free copy of our Finance & Accounting salary guide.

From staff accountants, auditors, and financial analysts to tax directors and CFO’s Versique’s salary guide focuses specifically on finance & accounting professions within Minnesota, to help you stay ahead of the competition.  However, it’s more than just numbers, it also features:


→ Expert compensation and recruiting advice for employers on how to find, attract and retain Minnesota’s top level finance & accounting talent

→ An in-depth look at the hiring/ salary outlook for finance & accounting jobs in Minnesota

→ Accurate and up to date finance & accounting base salaries, broken down by function, job title and company size

→ Detailed job descriptions for 30+ specific accounting & finance positions

→ New & relevant job search and salary negotiation for both employers and candidates

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