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How to Find Your Dream Career

by Versique

Less than 11% of US adults spend 20 years or more with the same employer, so the likelihood of staying at one job for your whole career is slim.

Why do you think it’s a challenge to find a career and company to stick with for years? For some people, it’s hard to identify what they’re truly passionate about. Others have great reasons for transitioning. Either way, if you’re at a not-so dream job, you should still try making the best of it – it could help you to land the one you want!

Finding a career you love is more than making money; it’s about enjoying going to work, and not finding yourself counting down the minutes until the day ends.

I had a string of careers in my 20’s that really helped me realize what I did not want to do. It wasn’t until I found out what I was passionate about did the right career choice for me start to form. A big part of this was figuring out my natural strengths. To help me identify what those key strengths were, I spoke to those close to me.  My passion for helping people along with my competitive drive helped me realize that recruiting was the right field for me.

But making the switch into my dream career didn’t mean I could just dive right in. I started out with an entry-level position, learning the ins and outs of recruiting before I was promoted to recruiter. The beginning wasn’t glamorous, but it helped me to understand what the job really entailed and helped assure me that I was in the right place.

Finding the dream job takes time. You really need to explore your strengths and how they fit into your personality. You’ll know when a career is right for you because you’ll look forward to going to work. It will suite your skills and passions!

For more advice on finding your dream career and to learn more about how I found mine, see the rest of this post on the St. Thomas Opus Business Career blog: How to Find Your Dream Career.

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