Julie Strantz

Director | HR Search

As the Director of HR Search at Versique, Julie has a passion for building strong, value-based relationships with HR clients and candidates. With more than 19 years of professional experience, and 10+ years in the recruiting industry, Julie ensures every interaction to be positive and professional with consistent communication and follow through.

In her role at Versique, she is responsible for identifying top HR talent and managing the candidate selection process for all HR opportunities. Prior to Versique, Julie held various recruiting roles at companies including Medtronic, H.B. Fuller and Dahl Consulting. She has an undergraduate degree from American Intercontinental University in Business and Human Resources Management, and an MBA in HR Management, also from AIU.


Julie’s Approach

With over a decade of experience, Julie knows there’s no substitute for genuine knowledge of the HR industry. She leverages her experience and knowledge to bring needed extra insight to the hiring process for both clients and candidates. She offers advice and insight into what the rest of the market is looking for, changing skillsets and industry trends.

Her entrepreneurial spirit has fueled her motivation to build a robust professional network to source both candidates and clients from. She understands that every client and candidate is different and takes a personalized approach to the recruiting process. Julie has been mastering and refining her recruiting process for years, allowing her to consistently identify and deliver the finest HR talent available today.

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About Versique

Versique is one of the largest recruiting firms in the Midwest and specializes in both consulting (Information Technology & Human Resources) and permanent placement. With a valuable blend of functional, industry and recruiting experience, our award-winning team of headhunters has a proven track record of delivering exceptional talent acquisition solutions. The Versique brand represents a powerful combination of “versatile” and “unique” as it hints at the concept of “search” in its pronunciation: ver-seek.

Versatile: We have thirteen specialized teams: Finance & Accounting | Human Resources | Information Technology | Engineering & Operations | Sales | Marketing | Consumer Packaged Goods | Healthcare | Manufacturing | Family Owned | Executive Search | Demand Generation | Banking & Financial Services

Unique: Our Talent Activation Process has consistently proven to deliver high performance and high retention for our clients.

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