Pamela Holsten

Office Administrator | Versique Corporate Services

Pamela Holsten Versique

Pamela is our office administrator, or as she prefers to be known, our Director of Happiness here at Versique. She has over 16 years of experience with hospitality and event planning. She loves making connections, working with vendors, and assisting the leadership and executive team. She has assisted with an office move, countless office events and enjoys keeping the growing office in order.

In January of 2017, she was awarded Employee of the month. And she received a Culture Award for 2018.

Always staying busy, on weekends Pamela works as a wedding day coordinator. She enjoys the outdoors, entertaining family and friends, and is the assistant lead for the Greeting Ministry Team at Westwood Community Church.


About Versique

Versique is one of the largest recruiting firms in the Midwest and specializes in both consulting (Information Technology & Human Resources) and permanent placement. With a valuable blend of functional, industry and recruiting experience, our award-winning team of headhunters has a proven track record of delivering exceptional talent acquisition solutions. The Versique brand represents a powerful combination of “versatile” and “unique” as it hints at the concept of “search” in its pronunciation: ver-seek.

Versatile: We have twelve specialized teams: Finance & Accounting | Human Resources | Information Technology | Engineering & Operations | Sales | Marketing | Consumer Packaged Goods | Healthcare | Manufacturing | Family Owned | Executive Search | Demand Generation

Unique: Our Talent Activation Process has consistently proven to deliver high performance and high retention for our clients.

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