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Healthcare Recruiting: Matt Anderson Podcast on Rec Tech

by Matt Anderson

Matt Anderson, Senior Practice Director of Healthcare Search, shares his expert advice on the recruiting industry in a recent interview by Chris Russell from Rec Tech Media. 

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In this interview, Matt, who has over 15 years of recruiting experience answers questions about trends and challenges happening in the Healthcare industry, as well as provides advice for talent acquisition planning in 2019.

Matt offers clients unique insight into market assessment and intelligence, consultation on structuring the search process, ability to identify, recruit and place specific leadership candidates based on the needs of clients resulting in a successful, efficient outcome to the search process.


  • How would you characterize the state of healthcare recruiting today?
  • Are there any differences in Healthcare recruiting vs more traditional roles.
  • The biggest challenge right now?
  • What tools do you use to find healthcare execs?
  • What advice might you have for recruiting front-line healthcare roles such as nurses, doctors, CNA’s etc
  • What are you planning to do differently in 2019?
  • The most creative thing you ever did to source a candidate?
  • New healthcare recruiter—what advice do you have?


Matt focuses on strategically identifying and consistently placing the market’s top performing healthcare leaders in the right companies to help drive organizational improvement and efficiency. He works with an array of clients including hospitals and clinics to physician-owned specialty practices of varying sizes.


Healthcare Recruiting at Versique

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