Hiring the Right Candidate

Hiring the Right Candidate: Can You Have It All?

by Kim Gabrielse

When partnering with clients for staffing solutions, we often hear “The ideal candidate will have A, B, and C.”  In an ideal world, every talent search would result in finding the perfect candidate that has all of the traits you’re looking for. But here in the real world where the competition is tight, and most industries are facing talent shortages, you might have to ask yourself what’s the most important thing when selecting your final candidate?

Is it personality and character traits, a defined skill set that aligns with the job, or sticking to the salary budget?

You want them all, but hiring managers are often faced with having to pick and choose.

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Decide What Matters Most

Let’s take a real-life example: Client X approaches a search firm with a need for a higher-level role. A defined salary range is set, and two candidates are put forward. Candidate A has the personality and the skill-set but exceeds the budgeted salary while Candidate B fits the skill-set and budgeted salary, but personality may not be a fit for the team and culture.

How do you proceed?

My professional opinion is that we as HR strategists have the opportunity to take our knowledge about the impact of making poor hires and turn it into an educational tool for organizational growth and success.

Even if the ideal candidate exceeds a salary range, use this as an opportunity to coach your leadership teams on the long game.

This approach will end one of two ways:

  • You hire the individual with the personality, cultural fit, etc., and the higher salary will more than likely end up providing the value of their worth.
  • You hire the individual that fits your budget and skill set, but the personality fit eventually fizzles out, causing an additional turnover to spend and cultural dissatisfaction.

In considering your options, it’s important to keep in mind that the cost of a more expensive hire will at some point break even with the cost of a poor hire. And at the end of the day, there is always a right time to be thoughtful, realign with key stakeholders, and partner strategically at the table.

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