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Hiring the Right People: Have a Money Waster or Entertaining Distraction on Your Team?

by Kelli Schutrop

Is your company hiring the right kind of people? Decisions about the type of talent you select for your team can be a make-it or break-it point when it comes to your overall success. Thankfully, the ball is in your court for most of the decision-making process. Let’s get started!

Who Are You ?

The first step in this vital process is to determine what kind of organization you work for or lead. This means not only identifying what products or services you offer, but also identifying what kind of culture you’re building. Understanding your firm’s values will help you hire the right employees. Are you an “Invest & Grow” leader or a “Lifestyle” leader? Find out here!

Do You Have the Right Players on Your Team?

The second step is to identify if you have the right people on your current team. Your employees need to be the right fit for the organization, as well as the right fit for their particular role. Sometimes a well-liked employee is simply not a good long-term fit. If your company is growing, it’s important to have a plan to establish the type of employees you need in specific roles further down the road.

Is Your Employee a Money Waster or Stick-in-the-Mud? 

Three keys to determining the right fit include personality, drive, and capability.

Here’s a little quiz to determine if you have the right people on your team…

Scenario 1: If your employee has the right personality and drive, but lacks capability (skill set), you’re going to have a very assertive and friendly person who does not get the job done. (Money waster.)

Scenario 2: If he/she has the right personality and capability, but lacks drive, you’ll have good team player, but not necessarily someone who goes above and beyond. (Tactical but not innovative.)

Scenario 3: If he/she has the right drive and capability, but lacks the right personality fit, you’ll have someone who works hard and does the job, but may not fit in with the rest of the team. (Stick in the mud.)

Scenario 4: And just for fun, if your employee has a great personality, but lacks drive and capability, you’re left with a very fun distraction for the office. (Entertaining distraction.)

To learn more about how to determine what kind of leader you are, and what kind of employees you should be hiring, check out the rest of this blog, originally published on Deluxe’s Idea Hub blog.

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