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How to Use Your Leadership Position for Good

by Chris Ohlendorf

I’ve always been a “glass half full” type of person. One of the elements that drives this outlook in my life is what I’m surrounded by everyday – our office environment at Versique. We’re a bustling group of recruiters, and the day-to-day of business runs at a fast pace. We’re leaders in our industry, and in our careers individually. Because of that, my business partner and I set out to make sure we had a purpose driving our business.

We established a set of Core Values that are truly our core values. They’re not just a motto written on a wall. They are what we hire to, and what we keep in mind as we make major decisions for our company.

One of our core values is Community Engagement. While we established this core value, I felt a lot of responsibility to really get to the heart of who we are at Versique.

As leaders in our community, we see giving back as both a privilege and as a responsibility. We look around our community and see where needs are and where we can help. One of the benefits of being in a leadership position is being able to help others give back as well.

One of the things I have found in my career is that most people want to give back. However, many of the people willing to give back don’t have an outlet to do it. I am in a position to help shape an environment that gives people an outlet to give back. My passion is to go out in the community and find the needs, and make a way for not only myself, but also others to give back.

This is just one way of how to use leadership for good. I’d like to hear how you’ve done it in the comments below!

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