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Intro: Inside Executive Search – Podcast

by Versique

Attracting, selecting, and retaining top talent is a challenge for many businesses. Join long-time executive search professional Scott Peterson, alongside Steve Yakesh, EVP of Versique, one of the top Executive Search firms, to discuss insights and techniques to assist companies to achieve their best results. If you’re an Executive Leader looking for advice on attracting, selecting and retaining the best talent for your company, you’ll want to hear this weekly advice from these industry experts.

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Podcast Transcription – Intro


Speaker_1:00:03Get ready for your weekly dose of talent strategies and tactics from industry leaders to help you attract, select and retain your top talent. You are listening to Versique’s Inside Executive Search with Steve Yakesh and Scott Peterson. Hello and welcome to Inside Executive Search. My name is Steve Yakesh and I’m with Scott Peterson from Versique Search.
Speaker_2:00:32Hey Steve, thanks for having me. Yeah, you bet.
Speaker_3:00:35Today’s episode is the first of a weekly series discussing a variety of topics surrounding the attraction, selection and retention of key executives. Scott, I think we can all agree that having the very best in key executive roles increases in organization chances of hitting their growth, profitability, and operational goals. However, most organizations lack that experience in hiring key executives, thus the creation of the Inside Executive Search podcast. This podcast will provide insights, strategies, and tactics to attract, select and retain your key employees. As I mentioned earlier, Scott is with Versique Search. He leads their Executive Search practice. Scott, tell me a little bit about your Executive Search practice.
Speaker_2:01:18Great Steve! Versique is a 50-person firm that has 12 specialized teams that focus on the recruiting efforts by industry or by function. My particular practice focus on assisting board of directors and business owners when they find themselves needing to hire for roles such as president and CEO or any person that might report to those positions. Well, Scott helped me understand why did you feel it was important to start this podcast? Yeah, I really had some great conversation with board of directors and business owners and just really fantastic companies to understand what they’re going through over the past several months and those conversations, I’ve heard many common themes of what they are most concerned about, what keeps them up at night , and one reoccurring theme had been around succession planning and hiring key talent to their leadership team. This was a top priority in the vast majority of those conversations that I’ve had.
Speaker_2:02:11And you got a little bit of expertise in that. Yeah, just a little bit. I’ve been doing this for 20 years now. Okay. What else were some of the common themes? In addition to the talent attraction, selection and retention, as we mentioned earlier, each one of those conversations really revolved around growth and profitability and that seems to be an obvious one in common sense one as I’d hope most companies would be concerned about their growth and profitability. The third was around cybersecurity and you know cybersecurity as we have seen in the media tends to be playable, publicized by the big companies have Target and Amazon, but it really no one is immune to a cyber-attack no matter the size of their organization.
Speaker_3:02:54So you said you talked to two different groups, board of directors, but then also a secondary group.
Speaker_2:03:00Of business owners and CEOs, correct? Yep! So help me understand what’s different from the board of directors with regards to their top priorities? While there’s obviously similar types of things that they’re worried about there’s also some common things that were, are some things that were different. One of the things that board is of directors or I’ve always been concerned about is regulatory change and scrutiny and compliance with regulatory. What does that mean issues? It’s things like the banking crisis in 2008 and 2009 that that industry became highly regulated in a lot of reporting and a lot of controls around that, so that continues to be an area of high concern for the board. Another one was really just about the board makeup themselves, the diversity and composition of the board. That includes both age, sex, race of the board member, but also their expertise.
Speaker_2:03:51What do they bring to the board, like experience with cyber security or technology, so they’re really trying to hone in on those things that are the top priorities for the board and the experiences of those board members. Sure. That makes absolute sense. Getting back to the board diversity, is that fair to say that organizations or companies are wanting, they’re board to reflect what their employee base looks and feels like? Absolutely and I think really what the boards are driving to over the next several years is a board that really emulates that versus just hiring board members that happen to be friends of the owners. Sure, it makes sense. So how about the other group, the presidents, CEOs, slash business owners? What’s on their minds that maybe isn’t on the board of directors? Yeah, one that I found really interesting and then it’s, that’s a hot topic in today’s technology, world’s artificial intelligence.
Speaker_2:04:45I’m not sure we all know what that means for everybody, but companies are looking closely at that for 2019 and beyond and really trying to determine what effect that has on their company. Is there a business use or is it just morbid curiosity or a little bit of both? Right. I think it’s a little bit of both. Okay. Another one is staying relevant, professional on social media. We’ve seen where social media hurts the reputation of the company that they’re at, and so there is damage control that the executives have to play, so that’s a big piece that as you try to attract talent, what are people saying in social media about that company and working there? Sure, so sites like a Glass Door, LinkedIn and others are giving company reviews. Absolutely.
Speaker_2:05:29And then also maintaining a strong company culture. You know culture is a great retention tool, but it’s a great attraction tool as well and if you’ve got a great culture, you can do much better at those two items. Perfect. Well, hey Scott, I’m excited to go on this journey with you here over the coming weeks. Again, all the topics are going to be around the attraction selection and retention of key executives. So where are we going to start next week? Well today’s podcast was really a high level of talking about those areas, concern, but those areas of concerns are best managed by the top talent, right? So now how do I go about finding that talent? So next week we’re going to talk about talent attraction. What are some tools, techniques to help you attract that best talent to manage your company.
Speaker_3:06:15Awesome. Well, I’m looking forward to it. If anybody out there wants to get ahold of Scott I would get via three ways. One, you can connect with them on LinkedIn. The other would be to go to or also you can shoot them an email directly, which your email address is correct? That’s correct. All right, and Versique is spelled Perfect. We’ll see you next week and we’ll be in touch soon.
Speaker_4:06:45Great, looking forward to it.


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