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How to Make Your Job Search a Success (KARE 11 Interview)

by Chris Dardis

August 23, 2017 – Employment experts say August is one of the worst months to be job hunting. Chris Dardis, VP, HR Consulting and local recruitment expert, recently interviewed with Pat Evans of Kare 11 News to discuss when the best time to job hunt is and how you can make that search a success.


Chris explains that in the month of August there tends to be a decrease in hiring, not because the number of jobs are down, but because the overall hiring process slows down as the summer months are finishing up. Chris notes, this of course doesn’t mean you should give up your job search throughout August, but he suggests the best time to search for a job is when the process will move quickly. Chris states, “Typically we see this rise back up in September and October. Companies have more urgency during this time because they want to use the hiring budget they’ve been given before the end of the year, since most corporate finances refresh come January. Which is also a time, the beginning of the year, that we see another increase in job search and placements.” He explains that because of the holidays, interviews can be delayed in November and December.

This busy time even extends into March which is when our work at Versique ramps up. “We get a lot of businesses coming to us for their hiring needs at the end of February and into March because they’ve been unsuccessful trying to find quality candidates by themselves in the weeks prior.” Chris explains.  So what can you do to make your job search a success? We broke down the top tips Chris has for those on the job hunt.

Best Time to Job Hunt

  • September/October
  • Beginning of the Year

Job Search: 4 Crucial Tips for Success

  1. Revamp Your LinkedIn – Chris explains, LinkedIn is almost if not more important than your resume these days. Think of LinkedIn as your digital resume.
  2. Revamp Your Resume – Align your resume with the job. – Every time you send in your resume, you want it to mirror what’s needed in that job description. Use keywords in your profile summary that are relevant to the job and type of position you want and if the company lists a specific skill set as their number one need, make sure it’s highlighted in your resume.
  3. Go Beyond The Application – A lot of people call it quits after they hit send on the online application. Unfortunately, a lot of times, that’s never even seen by a human. Go the extra step and use your LinkedIn and personal network to see if there are any connections with the company or position you are applying for.
  4. Follow-Up – Always follow up with a thoughtful thank you email, including a very brief overview of why your qualifications align with job requirements.

For additional resume tips, see another one of Chris’s interviews: How To Make Your Resume Stand Out. 

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