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Make Your Mark!

by Tiffany Kuehl

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Minnesota Twins fan. Among the many baseball legends who have donned the Twins uniform, some of my favorites are Tony Olivia, Harmon Killebrew, Kent Hrbek, just to name a few. Something they all have in common is that their legend goes beyond stats and extends into everything they do off the field.

So what kind of impact are you making on those around you?

You’ve likely met “office legend” or know of a few people in your network that stand out for being absolutely phenomenal at that one thing. It’s truly awe inspiring to see the various members of your team deploy their individual strengths in a passionate, yet effortless way. Those people make your team better!

You too have a unique gift that makes people connect with you. That gift will eventually contribute to the legacy you leave behind. So whatever it is, make it your signature and make your mark!

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