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Why are there So Many Open Job Positions in Minnesota? (WCCO Interview)

by Joe Reardon

October 18, 2017 – In search of a job? Minnesota seems to have plenty of them! New numbers show that even if every unemployed person in the state were handed a job tomorrow, employers would still have open positions. What is causing this development within MN workforce? Joe Reardon, one of Versique’s local recruitment experts brought some insight to this question in a live WCCO interview.

So really, why are there so many open positions in Minnesota? Joe explains that we’re currently in a shifting market. Baby boomers are retiring and there’s a gap between having enough experienced millennials to fill these open positions. Right now succession planning is key for many companies. Succession planning is a process for companies to recruit, identify and develop new leaders who can replace old leaders when they leave.

Joe explains that of these jobs, manufacturing was the first industry to really open up about a year ago. Today, it’s more spread out across the board with many industries in high-demand for professionals. Many companies are starting to turn to recruitment firms, like Versique, to help them find the quality candidates they need to continue the success of their business. Joe talks about how the process of using a recruiting firm can be beneficial because recruiters are able to find what’s called passive candidates. This means not just choosing the best candidate that applies but finding the top candidate for the position, even if they are not currently searching for a new role.

With the high demand of job openings, the question arises, what are employers looking for in candidates to fill these positions? Joe informs us that companies want people who fit into their culture. Many companies would take someone who is the right fit for their culture and possibly lacks a few of the requirements, rather than someone who fits all the skill sets but isn’t a good culture fit. In the same aspect, candidates are rating company culture just as important, saying that principles and values of a company has a big influence on decisions.

Joe provides additional career insights stating that “It’s important for people who have jobs to keep their eyes open for new ones, in fact many of the candidates we recruit, are not actively seeking new opportunities. Likewise, many companies filling positions on their own don’t typically reach out to people who are already employed.” Joe reminds us that the one thing to keep in mind is that you never know when the perfect opportunity is going to come around.

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