Director, Home Medical Equipment

An entrepreneurial healthcare leadership opportunity to organically develop and lead a new Durable Medical Equipment service line and business. We seek a DME subject matter expert & visionary with a diverse skill set and knowledge of finance, accreditation, regulatory and compliance with the ability to build teams, gain consensus and buy-in to positively impact the care and outcomes for patients served...

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Job Description



This position is responsible for designing, implementing and ensuring the successful execution of the DME service line for ambulatory and acute locations. It is responsible for the creation, strategic roll-out and direction of this program. It is responsible for designing a program that will achieve successful program accreditation through the appropriate credentialing agency both initially and on-going. This includes the design and development of programs, process creation and mapping, space utilization, logistics/transportation, staffing, call center, education plan, inventory management, policies and product selection working with clinical and business leaders in the organization.


Key responsibilities:

  • Ensure the selection, development and execution of the standard operating procedures (SOP) for all facilities providing DME products at the time of discharge and ongoing.
  • Design, develop and execute DME responsibilities across ambulatory clinics, home care, hospital- based service lines, central inventory and supply, shipping/logistics and billing services as it relates to the DME program.
  • Develop appropriate KPI's along with managing to the proforma developed for the DME Service line by working with the finance team to optimize DME services in the clinical environment.
  • Acts as a liaison across all facilities to ensure continuity of services. This role reports to a Vice President.


  • Clinical experience preferred (orthotics, respiratory, and/or nursing)
  • Bachelors Degree in Healthcare Administration, Business Administration, Public Health or related field.
  • Master's Degree preferred.


  • A minimum of ten 10 years of experience in healthcare delivery, with a preference for a diversity of experience with DME services across acute and ambulatory environments.
  • 5+ years of supervisory/management experience.
  • Must excel in relationship building, customer service as well as working with physicians and clinical staff.
  • Prior Clinical Program Development in Durable Medical Equipment Management or Sales preferred.
  • Strong financial acumen required working with proforma development, budgeting, pricing, payor contracting and inventory management.


  • Must excel in customer service and follow up.
  • Function as a self-starter, team builder and collaborator often working independently.
  • Demonstrated competency in verbal and written communication.
  • Proficient in Excel, for revenue, volume, and system requirement forecasting.
  • Understands/proficient in medical billing, and the processes required to support the adjudication of a medical claim for DME.
  • Demonstrated competency in either starting a successful DME program or working in a highly responsible position in a well-established DME program.

     Responsibilities (Operations – 60%):

  • Responsible for the DME supply inventory for all clinics and ensures SOPs are followed; ensures procurement and inventory policies are understood and followed by DME staff.
  • Communicates inventory requirements, overall and by facility, to (internal) central supply or external suppliers.
  • Monitors DME program to assure streamline ordering processes, maintain inventory and evaluate sales.
  • Implements continuous performance improvement in any stages of the DME processes, where possible. Maintains a professional environment, in which productivity and collaborative relationships are formed and maintained with staff members, allied health care professionals, referral sources and others in the organization and community.
  • Communicates effectively with leadership, providers, nurses, insurance companies, community agencies, and patients/families.
  • In cooperation with the clinical and operational leadership teams, helps ensure the highest quality of DME fulfillment following diagnosis and direction for DME by a provider.
  • Creates and implements DME program policies and procedures in accordance with organization's clinical and operational standards.
  • Ensures the timely implementation of standard operating procedures (SOP) for the clinical and administrative staff supporting the DME program at facilities.
  • Forecasts revenue, unit volume, and inventory requirements for comprehensive DME services at program initiation and beyond with annual and year-over-year volume changes. Recognizes impact of the DME program as a result of seasonality, product line extensions, and facility expansion. Prepare and present operations reports utilizing financial, customer, utilization and quality data to a wide audience including the executive team.
  • Directs planning and research to support best practices and latest DME use to improve the quality of life of patients and families. Designs a program that ensures follows up on all customer related questions and concerns.

Responsibilities (Leadership - 25%)

  • Support team members (staff) to ensure the patients and families are satisfied with all elements of the DME process and services. Follows up promptly on complaints and conducts issue resolution as needed.
  • Provides standard staff oversight, including personnel management, performance reviews, selection and retention, and engagement and development functions.

Responsibilities (Quality and Accreditation - 15%)

  • Documents product- and service-specific feedback from patients and families to improve DME service operations and to acknowledge successful execution by organization's facilities/providers/staff.
  • Maintains accreditation survey/licensure readiness including the documentation required to support internal governance and external accreditation assessments.
  • Conducts routine quality control assessments of billing operations (for appropriate coding), collections (including processes and actions to collect family co-payments), inventory integrity across the points of care where the patient / family receives DME.

Responsibilities (Knowledge Driven Care Delivery)

  • Provides services within the mission and vision of the organization. *Implements the integration of knowledge into unit/department operation. *Continues personal and professional development to enhance job related competency.

Responsibilities (Compliance)

  • Organization's Service Standards and Organizational Policies and Procedures
  • Organization's Principles of Integrity and Compliance and Corporate Compliance Guidelines
  • Regulatory, accreditation standards, and job/department specific competencies (Joint Commission, CMS, Patient's Rights, Mandatory eLearning, etc.).

Responsibilities (Optimal Use of Resources)

  • Manages time effectively by completing work within scheduled time, adhering to break times, arriving for work on time, and assisting others as available.
  • Manages resources effectively including supplies, equipment, and personal time.
  • Takes responsibility to maintain and enhance job related competencies.



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