Director of Operations

Privately held company that has revenues approaching $100M with approximately 400 employees. Growing, entrepreneurial business with a great reputation of making high quality, low-cost, customized products for OEM’s. Opportunity for upward growth.

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Job Description

The Director of Operations will have the primary responsibility of directing the strategic and tactical Manufacturing operations across 4 facilities in the US, including a team of approximately 300 people producing complex, finished goods heavily reliant on electro-mechanical products, labor intensive and a complex supply chain. Finished goods range from simple to large scale to customers across numerous industries and an expanding customer base. This position will have ultimate responsibility for operational metrics such as On Time Delivery, First Pass Yield, Cycle Count Accuracy, Direct Labor Efficiency, Indirect Labor Efficiency, PPV, and more. The position will report directly to the COO and collaborate closely with cross functional leaders.


  • Maintain a clear understanding of company cost-of-goods and design, implement, and sustain strategic and tactical objectives to show continuous improvement in key areas of direct and fixed labor and materials.
  • Create and implement a Manufacturing Strategy that encompasses the 4 manufacturing facilities, their unique business, their limitations and opportunities, and growing customer demand.
  • Simplify complex manufacturing theory and tactics down to initiatives that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. 
  • Develop process control procedures ensuring production of finished products meeting quality specifications and standards
  • Partner with a team of manufacturing engineers to make measurable improvements to efficiency, equipment utilization, layout improvements and facility upgrades.
  • Promote and clearly communicate projects with ROIs so all levels of the organization can track progress and gauge impact.
  • Establish and ensure appropriate systems, procedures, internal controls, quality standards and metrics are in place for each functional area.
  • Fully leverage the ERP system used to direct shop floor operations and inventory.
  • Implement tools, tactics, routines, and other ideas to generate and maintain a shop floor culture of integrity and earnestness for all employees.
  • Generate a stable, predictable and efficient variable labor onboarding process that is clearly measured and easy to communicate to all levels of the organization.
  • Assume role of mentor to many layers of the organization to help elevate the output of line leads, supervisors and managers.
  • Foster a spirit of cooperation and teamwork within and between departments and shifts
  • Establish a robust scheduling system that properly recognizes available and required labor that can be used to plan production, communicate to customer service, and roll directly into capacity planning for variable and fixed labor.
  • Execute company goals for revenue which will include management of headcount, expenses, capital expenditures, and timely product delivery.
  • Work continually toward professional development, stay current on relevant industry trends, manufacturing, customer service and supervisory procedures and practices.
  • Work with the leadership team to identify potential manufacturing expansion sites.


  • Minimum of 5 years of Operations leadership with demonstrated success commercializing and scaling production of electromechanical products.
  • Significant experience in a diverse “sub-contracting” work environment or contract manufacturing environments, servicing many customers with many different products.
  • Demonstrated execution success transitioning new products into manufacturing while balancing quality, inventory, and financial goals.
  • Demonstrated success managing COGs to company goals and continuous improvement
  • Demonstrated effective collaborative leadership in support of company-wide goals
  • Proven ability to develop the operations organization to achieve career and corporate goals
  • Experience with managing multiple production facilities, preferably across the US, not required.
  • Demonstrated experience leading and executing manufacturing strategy
  • Strong material control skill set with proven history of managing complex material requirements.

Please include your resume with your application.  Position located in the Minneapolis, MN area. 


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