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Job Description

If you have experience in either SBA processing OR Commercial Banking underwriting, this is a great opportunity for cross training and long term advancement.


Position Summary:

The SBA Processor is responsible for underwriting SBA Commercial credit exposures, consisting of gathering, analyzing and interpreting credit and financial information for existing and prospective customers to assess credit quality and minimize risk and potential loss. In addition, the SBA Processor assists the Lenders in managing their client relationships. Maintains or develops various SBA department reports as assigned and maintain updated forms and procedures.

If you have experience in either SBA processing OR Commercial Banking underwriting and would like to cross train, this is a great opportunity.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Works with limited oversight, to underwrite SBA credit, obtain SBA authorization and develop the appropriate structure in relationship to the credit risk.
    1. Analyzes historical and projected financial statements for small business and guarantors and identifies SBA program suitability.
    2. Evaluates the adequacy of loan structures and collateral positions in accordance with SBA SOPs. Determine collateral valuations, ensuring adequate security.
    3. Summarizes in a credit presentation (write-up) credit risks, loan policy exceptions, proposed improvements to loan structure, loan rating, and the probability and impact of default.
    4. Spread financial statements/tax returns in Excel &/or other spreadsheet programs.
    5. Verifies the SBA loan authorization matches the lender credit memo and SBA form 1920.
    6. Conducts SBA loan closings as needed, ensuring documentation and agreements are accurate, and funds are withheld until all necessary documents are properly executed.
    7. Builds SBA loan file documentation ensuring accuracy, proper retention and compliance with SBA SOPs and approval requirements, Bank policies & procedures, as well as State and Federal regulations.
  2. Maintain the Authorizing Official and Supervisory roll in the SBA Capital Access Financial System (CAFS); responsible for entering in SBA credit request information into the system.
  3. Conducts UCC searches prior to and post closing to ensure proper security interest position.
  4. Assists the SBA Lender in the monitoring of the portfolio, specifically:
    1. Obtains and reviews financial statements on a timely basis.
    2. Understands, detects, and reports the early warning signs of problem credits. Minimizes the risk of credit loss to maintain appropriate risk ratings on all loans.
    3. Obtains and reviews Compliance Certificates, Borrowing Base Certificates, and associated receivable, payable, and inventory reports on a timely basis.
    4. Monitors all covenants and follow ups immediately on any covenants out of compliance.
    5. Evaluates all annual reviews of SBA related relationships to ensure compliance with SBA Administration requirements
  5. Assists the SBA Lender in preparing for client and prospect meetings.
    1. Obtains updated information on existing relationship.
    2. Participates in meetings with the client or prospect at the customer’s place of business, the Bank offices, or by phone.
  6. Maintains knowledge and understanding of the Bank’s SBA and Loan Policies and procedures, and all SBA administration SOPs, performing all responsibilities according to these guidelines.
  7. Prepares and submits 1502 report by the 3rd of each month, making any necessary corrections within 2 business days, and then wires funds to Colson.
  8. Coordinates quarterly external audits to evaluate the SBA loan file content to verify the SBA authorization will be enforceable in a liquidation situation.
  9. Maintains and develops all SBA department procedures, templates, spreadsheets, etc. that streamline the SBA credit write-up and loan presentation process as well as aid in the processes of loan presentations, financial spreading, cash flow calculations, risk ratings, etc.



Key Performance Competencies

Compliance:  Understands and applies federal regulatory requirements to daily responsibilities in the following areas:


Customer Service: Shows commitment to providing above average and excellent customer service to external and internal customers. Establishes and maintains strong customer relationships. Conducts relationships in a manner that enhances the Bank’s Mission and Core Values.


Teamwork: Develops and maintains positive working relationships; listens effectively and asks for clarification when needed. Actively pursues objectives and works with others to achieve department and Bank goals. Shows respect and responsiveness. Adheres to attendance and punctuality guidelines.


Results Orientation: Plans, organizes and uses time, technology and resources efficiently. Follows through on accountabilities including meeting quantity and quality expectations. Works on highest priority activities. Demonstrates ability to shift priorities and reorganize efforts as circumstances change. Works at level that allows for achievement of company, department and/or individual goals.


Competence: Demonstrates knowledge and skills required for the position. Handles job
accountabilities within policy, procedure and in compliance to applicable rules and regulations. Shows continued commitment to developing skills. Able to handle multiple priorities. Is accountable and takes ownership when problems arise, solutions are needed, or changes are necessary.


Professionalism: Provides a professional experience for internal and external customers. Demonstrates professional knowledge, service, appearance and communication. Upholds confidentiality for customer records at all times.


Job Specifications:

A.        Education: Minimum 2-year degree with emphasis in accounting required


C.       Experience: Previous business loan underwriting/credit analysis experience preferred

D.         Skills:

  • Confidentiality, self-motivated, team player
  • Knowledge of principles and practices of accounting
  • Numerical and analytical aptitude
  • Effective interpersonal communications (written & verbal)
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, etc.)


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