Store Manager

Work for a strong local retailer, leading the store as a Store Manager. Are you customer focused and willing to lead and work. This role is right for you

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Job Description

The Store Manager is responsible for the overall merchandising, sales and management within his or her assigned retail store.  Store Managers are responsible to provide the highest level of customer service. 



Store Managers report directly to the District Manager or Operations Manager. Store Managers are responsible for all retail employees within their assigned store. 


  • Responsible for overall sales and expenses at assigned retail store.
  • Direct and coordinate the merchandising of products.
  • Set priorities for distribution of new merchandise throughout the retail store.
  • Ensure adequate inventory in all areas.
  • Assist customers with a full variety of needs including purchases, returns, special orders, complaints etc.
  • Work closely with Retail Buyer(s) to ensure awareness of product needs and other product information throughout their assigned retail store.
  • Ensure that safety is practiced when handling merchandise by employees and customers.
  • Must maintain eligibility to be authorized company representative for licensing purposes. 
  • Certain locations may require ability to possess and maintain a handgun carry permit and compliance with any and all other local regulations regarding the selling of firearms.
  • Delegate authority to managerial personnel as deemed appropriate.
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