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This is an opportunity to take ownership of company-wide projects and initiatives, support an organization's applications, and advance them technologically.

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Job Description

Under the general supervision of the Information Systems Manager and in collaboration with various departments, is responsible for the planning, management, configuration, monitoring, testing and maintenance of the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI/AMR) and supports utility system applications.

Role & Responsibilities

Subject matter expert for all components (software, firmware, equipment, testing, network, communications, collectors, repeaters, and ancillary devices) used in operations of the AMI/AMR system, MDMS, and network.

  • Ensures the accurate configuration of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Automated Meter Reading (AMR, Meter Data Management (MDMS), and Customer Information System (CIS) data to create and provide reports and analyses for use in improving efficiency in operations and the timely delivery of the billing determinants to the billing system.
  • Supports the project management of AMI/AMR metering facilities and collaborates cross-organizational in an enterprise-wide business transformation, ensuring all aspects of the project are achieved.
  • Ability to program AMI/AMR metering components with manufacturer’s software, maintain appropriate databases as well as the ability to produce analytical data with attained information, manage Meter Data Management System and ensure optimal results from metering integration and Multi-Speak interfaces are essential.
  • Monitors the AMI network - MDMS on a daily basis, using the head-end software program to ensure all devices are communicating and the network is functioning. Troubleshoots issues and works with vendor’s technical support team to correct problems when necessary.
  • Supervises and monitors any repairs that are needed on the system and coordinates with appropriate field personnel in diagnosing and replacing hardware.
  • Works with other departments as necessary to maintain system function, oversees the updating of firmware and associated software applications of endpoints and network infrastructure.
  • Programs AMI/AMR metering, components with manufacturer’s software, maintains appropriate databases, as well as the ability to report data with attained information.
  • Manages Meter Data Management System to ensure optimal results from metering integration and Multi-Speak interfaces. MDMS data will be monitored daily for billing discrepancies, communication errors, high/low values, indication of tampering, and other issues. Works with Customer Account Representatives to identify and resolve errors.
  • Supports start-up of new projects, existing projects, as well as planning and coordinating project activities. This will include contractor coordination, creating processes for project deployment, monitoring performance of contractor, and ensuring all aspects of the project are achieved.
  • Supports IT department and GIS technician to develop documentation, maintain mobile devices and mobile applications related to collecting AMI-MDMS data, alarming, billing data, infrastructure location information, and field asset data.
  • Resolve technical and operational issues related to electric, water, and gas AMI/AMR metering, load management equipment.
  • Proactively monitors communication system for optimal performance and initiates appropriate field actions to remedy system malfunctions. Performs system analysis of data, RF transmission network, backhaul, and communication systems for abnormalities and takes action to remedy.
  • Manages the read data from the AMI/AMR metering system, analyzes the data, develops custom reports and trends and provides direction for field activity for failed meters and endpoints; works with the electric, water, and gas personnel to receive usage data, alarming, issues, trending, action items information.
  • Generate reports and validate data to develop coordinated custom reports to determine best practices for operation, actions, equipment type and placement.
  • Tracks equipment failures and documents updates in system database for electric, water, and gas systems.
  • Supports the electric, water, gas meters and endpoint inventory; coordinating warranty repair for electric, water, and gas meters and endpoints; performing or directing field repair or troubleshooting; monitoring and addressing meter level alarms.
  • Documents resolutions and analyzes trends for ways to prevent future problems.
  • Ensure that customer issues related to the metering system are investigated and addressed in a timely manner and provides support to field service staff.
  • Supports as needed substation software applications, including OSI SCADA, SEL Systems.
  • Supports as needed meter shop software application packages, such as Yukon.


Required Skills & Experience:

  • Degree in Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Data Science or related area.
  • Software or Database Administration is desirable.
  • 3 years related experience in software applications and communication.
  • Must possess a valid Minnesota Driver’s License with an acceptable driving record.
  • Strong project management/leadership skills to manage highly complex projects.
  • Strong understanding of networking and associated radio technologies (RF and field network deployment experience.
  • Thorough technical knowledge of metering and meter-related work practices, tools, at materials, and equipment.
  • Experience with emerging technologies.
  • Would love if you have experience with:
  • Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Automated Metering Reading (AMR) systems.
  • Meter Data Management System.
  • AMI/AMR system infrastructure and configuration.
  • Local, State, and National codes and regulations.

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