Vice President of Engineering

Our client is a global and innovative products company, developing products across multiple markets. This Engineering Leader will be on the executive leadership team and report directly to the CEO.

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Job Description

The Executive Vice President of Engineering and Innovation role will be responsible for the success of global Engineering & Innovation strategies and goals. Success in this leadership position requires the desire and ability to develop and maintain a team of highly skilled, creative and innovative team members who will use state-of-the-art processes to sustain a stream of industry-leading technologies and products. The ideal candidate for this role will have a proven track record of success, including visionary and innovative experience in long term strategic planning that balances with the ability to deliver current initiatives and short-term priorities.  The VP of Engineering and Innovation is a key leader on the company's executive team.


Position Responsibilities:

  • Creates the Design Engineering vision for the Company and is responsible for innovative concept formulation and definition impacting engineering technology and technical product development.
  • Communicates and ensures clear understanding of product and technology roadmaps, building commitment and ownership towards achieving objectives and strategies. Drives accountability in achieving roadmap milestones and ensures celebration of successes.  Ensures evaluations of key learnings from roadmap implementation and drives world class results, behaviors and best practices.
  • Provide technical and strategic direction to the research, innovation, and engineering team for the implementation of ideas and concepts generated, as well as interface with internal and external users, development of personnel and other technical staff.
  • Collaborates with Business Units to discern and maintain competitive leadership of the Company’s product offering.
  • Achieves and supports organization's competitive position and profitability by formulating research and development programs impacting product success. This achieved by delivering products to the marketplace that are truly differentiated on a timely basis with the highest quality.
  • Oversees the innovation group by hiring, developing, training, motivating and enabling creative thinking and human centric design.
  • Identifies, defines and solves the most complex and strategic problems that have short-term and long-term impact on future products and technologies.
  • Encourages develops the team and process to deliver a healthy stream of intellectual property.
  • Continuously identifies process improvements and opportunities within internal processes through communications, programs and other activities as needed. 
  • Makes technical visits on behalf of Company, to technical groups at various customers, potential customers, and other organizations.
  • Responsible for ensuring that engineering and innovation objectives are defined, measured and performed. Follows new product development process to include design reviews and testing resulting in launching products of the highest quality. Ensures collaborative efforts within company to drive objectives, strategies and innovative thinking.
  • Conceives and develops solutions to engineering technology through the application of expert technology techniques, practices and procedures.
  • Stimulates continuing development of new ideas for technology or product enhancements.  Specifically champions agile thinking and agile product development in all relevant areas.  
  • Oversees budgetary and performance controls and coordinates with all other departments that impact engineering and innovation. 
  • Additional duties as requested
  • Supports “Lean Business Enterprise” initiatives for continuous process improvement and waste elimination

Requirements for Consideration -

  1. Must have demonstrated leadership experience over an engineering & Intellectual Property development team with best in class product development focus that aligns with company business goals of significant growth in the next 5 years.  Current experience as a Senior Director or Vice President.
  2. Executive presence - Including experience communicating short team priorities and long team goals and vision as well as motivating and inspiring the product development organization.
  3. Career exposure to successful product development processes that quickly launch products that are aligned to customers’ needs now and in anticipation of future, producing innovative products with the highest quality. 


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