Vice President of Operations

A Healthcare operations executive opportunity for a renowned, industry leading single-specialty practice with local and national presence. Lead standardization, implementation, and execution of a single repeatable model for operational effectiveness to ensure continued growth and success.

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Job Description


We are seeking an energetic Vice President of Operations to join our team for our multi-state single specialty practice. The VP of Operations will provide the clinical, operational, strategic, and cultural leadership necessary to deliver care that is high-value (cost, quality, and patient experience) across the continuum of care, while also improving the health status of the populations we serve. The VP of Operations will achieve this through the implementation of key strategic and operational initiatives that move the organization through work that involves maximizing clinical operations and developing risk capability, in a manner that is collaborative and consistent with the mission, vision, and values of organization.


The organization focuses on Four Pillar Mission Statements:

1. Create great patient outcomes and experiences

2. Create great teammate experiences

3. Create great Physician and non-physician experiences

4. Create great referral source experiences



  • A clear understanding of what each clinic location can do to improve and the ability to track, monitor and advise on necessary steps to meet and exceed objectives.
  • Strong analytical, presentation development and presentation skills to the Board of Directors, internal stakeholders and external investors.
  • The ability to communicate with and motivate medical professionals.
  • Working knowledge and understanding of all business software and tools available and in use by employees including EMR software, practice management, accounting and HRIS. Ability to data mine information to drive KPI’s and collaborate with company stakeholders.
  • Process development/improvement with enterprise wide engagement.
  • Consensus building skills while taking a collaborative approach.
  • Exemplify the new companywide cultural initiative. The VP of Operations needs to work directly with physicians and clinic managers and be viewed as a trusted business partner. This will be achieved by listening, collaborating and responding in a timely manner with information that can be used by physicians and managers to operate more efficiently.
  • Work with CEO in developing effective management approach. Assess clinical and company needs and assign appropriate roles and focus.
  • Work with CEO to ensure that strategy is implemented at the clinic level. Work with clinic managers to review current strategy implementation and effectiveness. Identify opportunities for improvement and outline a plan to address those areas.
  • Organization/management issues. Meet with all clinic managers to determine the effectiveness of the team at each level. In conjunction with HR, create a development program that meets the needs of the company.
  • Improve overall sales performance. The company has opportunities to significantly improve sales. Work with clinic managers and the CEO to develop a comprehensive plan identifying opportunities and resource requirements.
  • Support development of IT strategy. Evaluate existing systems in line with planned growth. Work with internal and external resources in developing the strategy, evaluating alternatives and implementing solutions.
  • Upgrade existing performance reporting systems/data analytics. Coordinate with CFO and CEO towards making a performance reporting system a more useful tool in managing the diagnosing a multi-location operation.
  • The VP of Operations will develop, align, and mobilize physician leaders around successfully achieving clinical, operational, and strategic priorities for the organization.
  • Manages Clinic Managers and Regional Trainers by performance by establishing clear job descriptions and goals, and through development and mentoring.
  • Drive for results and change
  • Lead by example. Be a role model for all clinic team members.
  • Be present in the clinics - This means that you'll know the clinic inside & out



  • 10+ years Operations experience
  • Advanced management degree (MBA, MHA, MPH, MMM, MPP) or similar education/work experience
  • Executive operations experience & success had within a single or multi-specialty physician led & equity owned practice 
  • Prior experience as a RN in a clinic setting preferred but not required
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • Strong organizational skills and leadership
  • Experience with employee development, training and retention
  • Previous experience in healthcare or other medical fields required


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