VP International Marketing

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Job Description

This position is located in southern Minnesota. 


Purpose of position

To develop and implement the companies marketing plans, supporting brands in the strategic  countries, identify strategic growth opportunities for the company including organic growth and acquisitions.


Job Requirements
Operate in 70+ countries

Reporting to: Group President

Direct reports: Sr. Brand Manager-3 (2 ABMs reporting to Sr. Brand Managers), Marketing Project Coordinator, Administrative Assistant, Marketing Director (innovation/insights), Intern.


Position Accountabilities 

  1. Develop strategic marketing plans consistent in building growth in key markets
  2. Implement planned marketing activities while measuring its impact on brand objectives and return on investment
  3. Develop strategic growth plans in the company, including acquisition opportunities
  4. Plan and implement integrations of major businesses into the company
  5. Work to administer major processes and systems in the company
  6. Work on central agency support and consumer insight contracts in the company



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