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Podcast: The Road to Authentic Leadership

by Chris Dardis

Developing Your Brand Through Social Media and Evolving as a Leader – A Podcast On Authentic Leadership and Branding

Chris Dardis, VP of HR Consulting, was a featured guest on an episode of The Assent Podcast with Joe Burgess. On the podcast, Chris provides insights into the branding Versique is doing through social media. He also explains his criteria for meaningful work, and how his leadership has evolved over the years. Chris focuses on what makes him tick as a leader and a few tips he’s learned along the way to build a successful team and develop a work-life blend.

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The Ascent Podcast with Joe Burgess- By Joe Burgess

The Ascent Podcast is a show about inspiring people who explain their path to achievement. Guests range from elite athletes to prominent leaders in community and business. We learn first-hand about motivations, successes, failures, and most importantly the wisdom they have gained from their life experience.

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