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Practice Makes Perfect – Just Say No!

by Jenny Kriha

Have you ever heard the phrase, ““If I had a quarter for every time I should have said no, I’d be a millionaire?” Sometimes saying “no” can be scary, but sometimes it can also be rewarding or even fun!

As the mother of a teenage daughter, I find myself constantly reminding her to “Just Say No.” The list of “no’s” we want our teenagers to say could go on forever. But what about our list as professionals, partners, friends, siblings, etc.? If we said “yes” to every request, where would we be? Saying “no” is an art that can be mastered with a little practice. Think about what holds you back and make a choice to use the power of “no.”

Imagine you own your own business. You’ve invested time and money to create a product/service you are proud of. Now imagine a client asks to undersell that product and all your hard work. How does it feel? Time to say “no.”

“No” can be powerful in more than just business. I was recently invited to lunch with a friend and, as eager as I was to catch up, I knew my prior commitments would make a lunch virtually impossible to work in. If I hadn’t exercised my power to say “no,” I would have spent my time at lunch only partially engaged, while internally preoccupied with the other to-do’s on my list. So I said no.

Practice makes perfect. Giving a client, friend, sibling, etc. a respectful “no” is a necessary part of life. You are worth the value of saying no.

To read more about how to make “no” a bigger part of your life, read my full post on the Lean In Together MSP blog.

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