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Steve Yakesh Hosts Next Level Webinar, “How to Provide an Experience Worthy of a Referral”

by Steve Yakesh

June 28, 2016 – Steve Yakesh, Versique’s President, Direct Hire & Executive Search, recently hosted a webinar on Next Level Exchange, an educational website that provides on-demand recruiting training videos and top recruiting tips from big billers and recruiting trainers.

In the webinar, Steve shares strategies he uses to help recruiters develop and sustain their business s with the mindset of “providing an experience worthy of a referral.” Steve stresses the importance of focusing on intent above outcome during the recruiting process and avoiding the common pitfalls associated with a singular focus on closing the next deal.

Additionally, Steve offers relevant anecdotes from his personal industry experience, including the importance of constant communication throughout the recruiting process.

For more, watch the clip below from Steve’s Webinar.

About Next Level Exchange

Next Level Exchange is a recruiter training platform that covers each step of the Placement Process. Website membership covers Foundational Training, Just-in-Time Training, and Ongoing Training. Its comprehensive training program is intended to be a business owner’s solution to quickly training new hires, while maintaining a high level of personal production.

Next Level Exchange provides an online portal for recruiting professionals at every level. Recruiters can use the library of scripts for marketing materials, voicemails, emails, and more. The platform also provides recorded calls from other recruiters so users can freshen up their approach and get exposure to new templates to streamline old processes.

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