The Match3.0 Advantage

Announcing a new partnership that is changing how recruiting and talent acquisition works

Talent acquisition and behavioral science combined. Adding valuable and reliable culture, personality and intellectual assessment to candidate attraction and selection. No added work on your part โ€“ only superb talent that fits. Explore the state of the art and science of search…

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Lee Skaalrud


Director | Executive Search

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VersiqueMatch3.0 Results

  • After seeing the results of the VersiqueMatch 3.0 one client decided to hire two presidents for their portfolio’s firms. Click here to read about it.

  • Start-up technology firm secures mission critical talent with culture, technical, personality and intellectual capacity alignment. Read more here.


How it Works

  • Match3.0 assessment is integrated in all of our engaged and retained searches.

  • Unique process that provides quantitative culture alignment of candidate to your firm along with personality and intellectual measures.

  • Minimal investment with high impact results

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Better Questions. Better Analytics. More Predictability



= State of the Art & Science of Search

VersiqueMatch3.0 Advantage vs. Other Assessments

Traditional, personality, culture and other job assessments are utilized as the LAST step in the hiring/ recruiting funnel; as a way for clients to verify that the given candidate(s) are the right fit for their organization.

Versique and The Match3.0 Advantage Assessment is done early on in the recruiting funnel, before our client even meets the candidates, and offers more than just answers on how an individual would perform in the given role/ how they fit among the current company culture. Including additional value ads such as interview guides to help our clients navigate their way through the selection process.

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