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The Power to Perform

by Tiffany Kuehl

So you hired an all-star team to work for you, but your business is still not seeing results. The team has everything they need to do the job, so what’s the issue? They have yet to come together as a team. Before driving for performance, you have to give your team room to move through Bruce Tuckerman’s four stage of group development: Form, Storm, Norm, and Perform.


In the form stage, the team is coming together. The members are often focused on their own work and there is heavy reliance on guidance.


In the storm stage, team members will begin jockeying for position. You’ll notice conflict as they identify their roles, but the tension will ensure they don’t engage in group think.


In this stage, the team understands what everyone else brings to the group. Rules and objectives have been defined and the team has respect for the leader, while relying less on their guidance.


The team is working as a unit with a shared vision and understanding of their goals and roles. At this stage, they can resolve conflict on their own.

Your team may go through these stages multiple times as members and projects change. Just as sports teams may have a “rebuilding year,” so your team will have to go through some tension to reach optimal performance level.

An all-star team doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, according to Cheryl Reeve, head coach of the Lynx, to build a winning team you’ll need three things: Vision, Accountability, and Drive.

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