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Two Ways to Hire Excellent Marketing Talent Today (Or in the Future)

by Kelli Schutrop

Does your company have a marketing team? Or is it just the business owner? Or perhaps your company has one person managing everything from branding, to marketing communications. Regardless, you may find yourself in a position to increase your internal marketing presence at some point, and it’s important to know what to look for in a new marketing hire.

Set a Plan: Determine the Type of Person You Need to Hire

1. Strategizer or Executor?

Do you need someone to help create strategy for your brand, or someone to help execute the tactics? It’s also possible you’ll need both to achieve your marketing goals.

2. Self-starter of Closely Managed Individual?

What is your management style? How do you prefer your team to work? Do you expect the individual to run with projects, only to stop in for questions and to submit the final version? Or do you prefer a more involved process where you are consistently aware of the project’s status along the way?

To learn the best ways to find these and other important factors in potential hires, read the rest of this blog, originally posted on Deluxe’s IdeaHub Blog.

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