Essential Job Search Tips to Give you the Edge

From Resume formatting, to Handling Difficult
Interview Questions….and everything in-between.

Thursday, April 2nd @12pm CDT.

About the Webinar

Learn essential job search tips from expert recruiters that will allow you to stand out from the crowd. This is an A-Z webinar that will cover everything you need to know about your job search including:

✓ Structuring your resume in order to maximize your qualifications and accomplishments

✓ Dissecting difficult interview questions

✓ 5 important things you need to know about making a career change

✓ Understanding job search/interview best practices

✓ Maximizing your LinkedIn profile to make you a more desirable candidate

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Wes Lieser

Practice Director, Demand Generation & Marketing Technology

About the Presenter

Wes Lieser is a skilled Digital Marketing Recruiter with an expertise in Demand Generation and Marketing Technology. Through his years of industry experience in both sales and marketing, he developed a passion for understanding how to leverage technology to increase sales and marketing. As a tireless networker, he has positioned himself as a key resource for Versique’s clients. His enthusiasm for Demand Generation, and strong relationships with top talent, has made him the ideal resource for clients seeking to build their team.