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Women In The Workforce: Advice For Advancing Your Career

by Tiffany Kuehl


March 6, 2017 – Versique’s Sr. HR Recruiter, Tiffany Kuehl, was recently interviewed by Laura Betker of KARE 11 News to discuss women in the workforce. Tiffany provided important advice for women looking to re-enter the workforce and those looking to take the next step in their career.

Tiffany discussed the difference in pay between men and women. She explains “We are closing the gap, Nationwide, right now we are earning 80 cents on the dollar that is an increase from 70-75 cents on the dollar, three to five years ago. We are making progress in closing that gap, but there is still a lot of room for improvement.”

She then provided advice on what women can do to help close that gap and advance their careers. Tiffany shared important questions you need to ask yourself: What motives and drives you? What are you passionate about? As well as, what do you want to do with your career? What are your aspirations for your career? She told us to take these questions and identify what you need to do to develop yourself professionally to achieve these goals. Tiffany gives us three tips you can take to launch these goals into action:

  1. Work with mentors to seek advice and listen to their expereinces.
  2. Join and participate in networking groups.
  3. Join and work with professional associations.

These three engagements can help you to acquire additional skills to match with your overall goals. For women re-entering the work force, Tiffany suggests volunteering to keep your leadership skills sharp and to stay in tuned with what’s going on within your industry.  When you’re looking to start up your career again, you can also consider consulting. This is when you go into an organization and you work on short term projects a few months at a time. Consulting can provide you with the opportunity to regain skills and slowly transition yourself into a full time role. You can see the full interview and all of Tiffany’s advice in the video below.

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