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2022 Hiring Trends (KSTP Interview with Chris Dardis)

With professional unemployment in Minnesota at under 2% due to many factors, candidates seeking jobs are harder to find. Consequently, 2022 brings with it lot of unknowns in the hiring space.

What industries will bounce back this year?

What will help job-seekers stand out in the interview process?

Chris Dardis, President of Interim Solutions, breaks down the hiring trends to expect this year. “The phrase we’re hearing right now is ‘The Great Re-Negotiation,’ where employees are reassessing their employment status and what’s important to them,” says Dardis. “This applies to flexibility offerings of employers and considering a work-life blend.”

Watch the interview below with Chris Dardis, which aired live on KSTP on December 28th, 2021.


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