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People are the ultimate
business advantage


Human capacity builders

You have a vision, a solid foundation, and an opening for greater potential. We’re here to help you seize that potential whether you’re looking for interim solutions, direct hire, or executive leadership search in your business. Not by looking at spreadsheets or market trends, but by understanding people. We see people — each as versatile and unique, each with a capacity for greatness. Then we build high-performance, dynamic teams that unleash the potential in your organization.


Striving to make a difference, not just a living.

Versique’s Co-Founders, Tony Sorensen and Chris Ohlendorf, share the vision and passion that started it all, and their excitement for the future.

We Believe:

Every candidate is versatile and unique.

Our proven Talent Activation Process (TAP) evaluates candidates by looking at three critical areas to succeed: organizational, experience, and motivation. This ensures that every candidate you meet is both versatile and unique.

You’re not hiring one manager, but the next 25.

It’s not only about what skills your next manager brings, but also about how they work with others throughout your organization. Every hire builds and multiplies your human capacity to drive success across all departments.

The right people unlock your potential.

Our team has been in your shoes and can quickly assess and identify the elements that will take your business to the next level. Then, you have access to leverage our expansive network to turn potential into reality.

We partner with your HR as humans and resources.

We leverage the capacity that’s in your organization. That’s why we always partner with HR to connect the dots. Whether it’s adding capacity on an interim basis, partnering on executive search, or connecting dots to create efficiencies for hiring managers, we provide the resources for human resources.


Our core values are the
lifeblood of our business.

We believe that the work we do along with our values are the greatest factors that differentiate Versique from other staffing and recruiting companies. We believe in winning relationships, not deals. We believe in others’ success over our own. We believe in giving back to the community that’s given so much to us. The people that make up Versique embody these core values through and through.

Core values


Commitment to Community

To say our local community has been so good to us would be a tremendous understatement. In hopes to respond in kind, we partner with local charities and organizations that serve the greater Twin Cities area and beyond to bring needed supplies, skills, and resources to underprivileged communities.

Our Service Areas

Interim Solutions

Build your human capacity one project-based hire at a time. More than a temporary solution, our contract services create a lasting advantage across teams, departments, or your entire organization.

Direct Hire

People are more than employees, just like a permanent hire is more than your average placement. We eliminate the “full-time work” of sourcing and placing the right people who can multiply your success over the long term.

Executive Leadership Search

Win the future by building an expertly curated team of C-Suite executives. You gain access to our exclusive network of leadership candidates who can influence change, drive success, and make your vision a reality.


We build capacity across your business.

Like you, we know it’s a system. It’s all connected. That’s why we specialize in recruiting across key departments in your organization.


Our experts work with clients in many industries. Like you, we've been there.

Real People. Real Stories.
Ron Johnson
President/CEO, Berg Group

“Based on several successful hires, I highly recommend Versique when you consider adding top talent to your team. Versique has delivered an exceptional pool of highly qualified candidates for every position we have partnered with them to fill.”

Michelle Klipfel
Sales Manager, Portu-Sunberg

“Wow. Jennifer nailed it. The culture fit was perfect and we never could have found this candidate without her help. We are very excited for the candidate to start.”

Steven Jackson
Xtant Medical

“Versique is a trusted partner. They are professional in their search, able to work in varying markets, and have an understanding of IT and finance requirements. Several of our highest performers were sourced by Versique. Thank you for your efforts!”

Nick Frattalone
CEO, Frattalone Companies

My experience with Versique was definitely a positive one. Both Joe and Calvin brought the experience and professionalism we desired in representing our firm throughout our CFO search.

Stephen O’Hara
Middle Market Commercial Banker

I have known Paul Bees from Versique for many years. He is a consummate professional and is one of the best in his field when it comes to banker placement. Paul is a student of the industry and a true advocate for his clients.

People make it possible.

People are more than their education. They’re more than past experience. They do more than meet salary requirements. People invent, propel, unearth and build. They transform teams, markets, industries, and bottom lines to take you from good to great, zero to one, in months versus years. People open greater potential—potential that can’t be reached by relying on a resume alone. We’re here to help fill your human potential and build your human capacity. Let’s find your people together. Let’s make the best possible.

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