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Skill, motivation, talent. People are what make today’s business success stories happen.

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A career-growth podcast based on inspiring stories of successful business leaders for executives and individuals looking to invest in themselves.


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Is your salary competitive in the St. Paul – Minneapolis job market? Find out in our FREE local and national, industry-specific salary guides. Our Minnesota salary guides are created by using local data, gathered from thousands of placements conducted by our executive recruiters, and tens of thousands of candidates within our Applicant Tracking System.

HR Salary Guide 2023
Finance Salary Guide 2023
Demand Gen Salary Guide 2023

Versique eBooks

3 Steps Every Employer Can Take to Hire With Complete Confidence
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Attracting the Right Talent: 4 Secrets From Top Recruiters
Determine the Best Hiring Strategy For Your Company
Inside The Art of Talent Attraction
People make it possible.

People are more than their education. They’re more than past experience. And do more than meet salary requirements. People invent, propel, unearth and build. They transform teams, markets, industries, and bottom lines to take you from good to great, zero to one in months not years. People, open greater potential. Potential that can’t be reached by relying on a resume alone. We’re here to help fill your human potential, and build your human capacity. Let’s find your people together. And make the best possible.

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