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3 Keys to Simplify Your Job Search

The job search can feel overwhelming.

Ali Jonswold, Director of Client Partnerships for HR Direct Hire, breaks down 3 keys to simplify your job search:

  1. Self-Reflection—Before you start weeding through the endless pages of job boards or just taking the logical “next step” in your career, first focus on identifying the skills you have that you want to bring into your next opportunity, and the job responsibilities that you don’t.  This evaluation is key to narrowing down the job role that will be the best fit for you.
  2. Target Specific Companies—Instead of getting hung up on the job titles that are posted, seek out open positions at companies where you respect their mission or their place in the community.  This is more likely to lead to long-term satisfaction at your job. If you don’t have any specific companies in mind, look at lists that are produced by publications like the Star Tribune’s Best Places to Work or the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, which rates employee satisfaction and workplace culture.
  3. Utilize a Recruiter—Researching and applying for a new job can be time consuming. A recruiter knows local companies and what kind of candidates they’re looking for, which can be a “short cut” for you to save you time on seeking out the right role. Recruiters can also give you tips on your job search journey even if they don’t have a current role open for you. You really don’t have anything to lose by contacting a recruiter, as it’s absolutely free for you!

If you would like more guidance in the job search, please reach out to Versique to find your next role.

Versique stays on top of hiring trends to make sure both candidates and clients are prepared. If you’re an employer, contact us to find people for your business. If you’re an employee searching for your next opportunity, make sure you’re utilizing the best resources to find the best fit. Get in touch with us today.