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3 Power Tools for Boosting Employee Engagement and Company Growth

As our economy globalizes, job markets tighten, and skill gaps appear within organizations, Employee Development Training becomes increasingly important. A recent McKinsey study, reported by Josh Bersin, found that, on average, training has increased over 12% in companies, averaging anywhere from $500-$2000 per employee annually. This trend demonstrates the understanding of how powerful employee development can be as a tool for building employee loyalty, as well as growing the business.

With various training options such as in-person, web based, traditional handouts, and coaching, companies can have difficulty pinning down the most effective method for their particular organization. The key to implementing employee development training in your own company is to understand the needs of your organization and build a mix of training tactics that will be most helpful to your employees.

1. Utilize In-Person Training
In-person training has proven to be the most effective and interactive method, as well as the most appreciated by employees. Hands-on training with another individual not only helps employees remember what they learn, but also builds relationships in the workplace. It also creates a friendly environment for employees to make mistakes early, in order to learn from them and avoid bigger mistakes down the road.

2. Launch Coaching and Mentoring Programs
Coaching and mentoring programs are extremely powerful for learning, growth, and engagement on all levels within a company. Mentoring programs, both formal and informal, are common in various types of organizations. Who doesn’t want feedback in their day-to-day routines? It feels as good to receive constructive feedback as it does to give it to others. In creating mentoring or coaching programs in your own organization, remember the importance of training the coaches and mentors, not just the mentees. Proper delivery of feedback is just as important as the feedback itself.

3. Teach Job Skills
The most needed training across all business sectors could arguably be job skills. Without proper job skills, how can your employees be the best they can be to deliver on your organizational needs? Skills range from machine operators to professional services. No matter what the profession, there will be skills new employees bring to the table and skills they need to be taught. Knowing how to best train those skills can make all the difference in your employees’ work.

In the past, companies have focused their training on the basics: Leadership, Ethics, and Compliance. Now, organizations are realizing the importance of focusing on more than just checking a box. Of course compliance is important, but effective training can come in a variety of packages. Consider wellness programs, leadership development, or building a mentorship program. View training as not only an opportunity to develop your employees as individuals, but a way to create a unified culture that fosters loyalty, passion, and great work.

What kind of training has been most effective for you? Tell me in the comments below!

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