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3 Reasons to Use a Specialized CPG Recruiter

When hiring managers or candidates think about working with recruiters they sometimes cringe, thinking, “Why would I work with someone who has no understanding of the job they’re recruiting for?” In the world of recruiting, that’s exactly what separates the good recruiters from the bad and gives those good recruiters a leg up in the industry. Having personally worked in the CPG industry for many years, our team knows there are three major perks of using a specialized recruiter.

1. Representing your Brand

What would you do if you were hiring a National Account Manager and the person you interviewed didn’t understand how to create a forecast, why promotional planning important, how to utilize a marketing team, or even what P&L stands for? How seriously would you take them? I hope you would say they’re simply not qualified for the position.

So why would a recruiter who doesn’t know the first thing about Consumer Packaged Goods be qualified to recruit for roles in that industry?

The first question many candidates ask is, “How serious is your client about adding someone new to their team?” That question is usually followed quickly by, “Will they move quickly through the process or are they just feeling out the market?”

Imagine the impression your company will make when our team says, “They’re serious enough that they have engaged the services of a specialized CPG recruiter from an agency with more experience than any other in the space.” It’s all about the candidate experience.

2. Who Applied vs. Who’s Available

Hiring managers often say, “We want to see what traffic we can get out of our own posting before we put it out to recruiters.”

Sure, there’s always a possibility you get a fantastic candidate to apply to the job, they get hired, and you ride off into the sunset with an amazing new employee. If everything could go that smoothly, who wouldn’t want to avoid a recruiting fee?

Before running off to post all your open positions, think about this: How much control do you have over who applies to your job posting? If you answered anything above 0%, I’ll have to congratulate you on your mind control powers!

My guess is that if you asked your CEO, he or she would want you to fill the position with the best talent available, not just the best person that applied to the position.

And if your CEO’s opinion doesn’t sway you, think about this: If you use a recruiter, you can compare candidates that apply to the position with those that a recruiter brings in. This should reassure you that you’re getting the best candidate available, not just the best that came across your posting and applied.

3. Saving time

Recruiters can save companies both time and money when it comes to attracting and hiring top talent to fill their open positions. The longer a position is open, the more money it costs the company. Working with a good recruiter will not only help you fill that seat faster, but it will help you fill it with the right person.

Additionally, if you are working with a recruiter who is an industry expert, you increase your exposure to solid candidates in the space. If your recruiter is dialed into the back channels of the market, their knowledge and expertise can mean the difference between landing the perfect candidate and watching them go to a competitor.

Our recruiting team is here to streamline the process. If you want to spend valuable time thumbing through 50+ resumes in the attempt to track down that perfect fit, we are not the team to partner with. We are here to make your life easier by sending over 1-3 extremely specific candidates that match the exact profile you need in the role. If your recruiting experience is anything different, you’re not working with the right recruiter and agency.

At the end of the day, success in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry is measured by the numbers.  Make sure you’re hiring a superstar, not just filling a chair with a warm body.

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