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3 Things Your Boss Wants to Hear

Most people come to work everyday wanting to be viewed as a productive employee by their immediate supervisor. All interviewing job candidates walk into an interview wondering, “What do I need to say in order to do well in this interview?” In my opinion, the answers are pretty simple. Once you take away the core employee competencies of work ethic, teamwork and execution, I believe there are a few things your boss (or potential boss) wants to hear from you.

Show Value in an Interview
I once heard a mentor say, “It’s your job to make your boss’ job easier.”  In an interview setting, this is the basic message that a hiring manager is hoping to hear. Bosses have their own jobs to do, and while in the interview, if you can give them examples of things you are able to immediate take on and own, they will see value in you as a candidate. One of my favorite questions to ask in a job interview is, “How would a successful person in this role make your job easier?” This should give you a very clear vision of what the priorities are in the role. You should also follow these 7 tips on how to make the right impression during an interview to help complement your examples on how you can immediately make an impact on the job.

Don’t “Polly Anna” it
Give your boss honest updates. Don’t shield them from bad news, and don’t be too humble about good news.  If you consistently are shielding your superiors from the realities of the situation and simply state, “everything is going well,” you could eventually start to lose credibly with your boss and others in the organization.  On the flip-side, no one likes a complainer. Be brave and tell the truth in all situations. Honest conversations will typically lead to a more productive work environment.

Tell Them What You Need
Bosses want to feel valued, too. They want to feel like they are making an impact in their employee’s work life. When your boss asks you, “What do you need from me?” tell them. It doesn’t show weakness or an inability to do your job, and you may be surprised by the response and timeliness of action taken. It can be as simple as asking for advice on a project or removing roadblocks or bottlenecks within your day.

While these tips focus on what you should say to your boss, this LinkedIn article focuses on what you shouldn’t say to your boss. Make sure what you are saying is communicating what you need in an honest way that displays your worth, and doesn’t hurt your relationship with your boss.

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