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4 Questions to Guide Your Business to Better Advertising Results

Advertising is a concept that has been around for ages, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. The questions that come along with advertising decisions are enough to stump even the most skilled pro from time to time. Use these tips to get the most out of your advertising dollar.

Should You Advertise?

Make sure you have a reason to advertise. What is your message and where do you want your audience to find it? Radio, TV, print, online? You may have multiple messages and therefore, multiple campaigns.

Above all, do your research. Know your competition and know your audience.

Are You Speaking to the Right Audience?

It’s important to make sure you’re speaking to the right people. A good practice is to sit down and identify your ideal audience. Ask yourself, what kind of media does this person consume? Publications, radio stations, and the like will often provide you with detailed demographics of their market.

Is Your Advertisement Measureable?

It can be challenging to determine ROI unless you include some sort of tracking in your advertising. You can utilize specialty phones numbers, specific URLs, promo codes, and more to track results. It’s important to measure the results to determine whether or not you should continue advertising in that way or select a new tactic.

Are you Developing Strategic Partnerships?

Do you utilize public relations (PR) as part of your strategy? Even though you may not be the final decision maker on the exact message, design, or location (as you would in with advertisement), PR is great because it typically comes across with more authenticity, and audiences react well to good press.

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