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4 Tips to Help You Extend Your Own Contract

Employment is changing. The Gig Economy is here, and we’re seeing people leaving permanent full-time roles for consulting or hourly contracting positions. There are several factors that are causing this, but when we ask professionals why they are making the leap to consulting we are continually hearing the same thing—that the benefits of consulting are too enticing to pass up.

  1. Work Life Balance
  2. Discovering How You Fit a Company’s Culture
  3. Pay Bump. Consultants Earn About 10% Higher Income

There are many benefits to working as a consultant! First, there’s the work life balance. Many of our consultants come from demanding roles where they were working 50-60-70 hour weeks. Most consultants find that clients only want them billing 40 hours per week. Having a set schedule and the certainty that you won’t be working overtime allows you to plan and enjoy your off-work hours with confidence. And if you do put in overtime hours, you’re paid time-and-a-half and will see the difference on your paycheck!

Second, there’s the benefit of testing out a company to see how their culture matches up with your values and preferences. There’s no better way to discover how you fit a company’s culture than by spending a few months integrated into their work environment and collaborating with their staff as a consultant. The saying “try before you buy” works well in both directions – the consultant has a chance to feel out the role and environment before committing long-term, and the company has time to assess their project and long-term needs.

Lastly, and certainly not least, is the pay bump. We typically see consultants earn about 10% higher income compared to a direct hire employee role. Consultants are also eligible for benefits (medical, dental, vision, and 401k).

More balance, more money, and a free test drive on how you like a company. What’s not to love about consulting!?

4 Tips to Help You Extend Your Own Contract

You’ve landed a consulting project and are wondering what’s next… here are four simple steps to securing yourself a new assignment.


    You’re a proven talent in the eyes of your manager. Think big and offer some ideas that can take the current project to the next level. By impressing in your current role, you improve the likelihood that your manager extends the contract. Even if they don’t extend, you are cultivating a strong reference by delivering for your manager.


    If your current manager is excited about your work, ask them if there are other managers within the company that could use your assistance since you are already immersed within the company. Any introductions that the manager can provide now could end up helping you secure another project in the future.


    Identify if there are other consultants on site, then introduce yourself and network with them. Connect for lunch, coffee, or set up a happy hour. By talkin’ shop you might discover that a peer consultant’s manager would want to know about your work. Perhaps you could help them too!


    Confirm with your agency that your end-date is firm and let them know you’d like to continue to work through them. Check in on a weekly basis until the assignment ends. Hopefully, they can guide you seamlessly onto another project.

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