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5 Reasons Why Smaller Companies Are Attracting Top Consumer Product Talent

In the eyes of CPG talent, smaller companies with the potential for rapid growth are far more appealing than the large and established companies. Below are some of the reasons

1. Get in on the Ground Level

Part of the allure of smaller companies is the opportunity for talent to get in on the ground level. Especially for higher up talent who can negotiate stock into their compensation package. Small CPG companies are typically playing the short game. Get to the market, disrupt big-time players within that market, acquire a committed and loyal base of customers, and then get bought out by a larger company or PE firm.

When smaller companies pull that off, the talent that helps them get there reaps the benefits. The ability to not only capitalize on the company’s growth but also climb the company ladder is very attractive. Not only do candidates want compensation but many of them want to advance in their career. Smaller companies offer both opportunities.


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2. Larger Impact

Joining a smaller company allows CPG talent to make an immediate and profound impact. This element of a small company is particularly appealing to individuals with extensive corporate experience who know all too well how a person can get lost in the corporate vacuum.

When a smaller company is growing, the actions of all staff can have a profound effect. Knowing that your work is driving growth goes a long way toward breaking the monotony that may come with a large established company. Candidates want the opportunity to use their talents and see the results of their labor, many times joining a small, growing company is the perfect solution.

3. More Fun

We hear from CPG talent all the time who say they are looking for a smaller company because it will be more fun. Fair or not, smaller companies have a reputation for a positive work-life balance, a more progressive and relaxed company culture, and a contagious sense of comradery.

Regardless of industry, small companies require employees to work more closely. This close-knit structure can build a strong culture that promotes a work-hard-play-hard mentality. For some candidates, the fun can be in the ability to know all their coworkers, not just their team.

4. Ability to Build Processes

Another appealing element to joining a growing company is the ability to build up and develop business processes. Typically, smaller companies will have less-established processes, enabling talent to influence, revise, or outright rebuild how a company approaches the market.

Building opportunity for innovation is very attractive to candidates. Employees who are driven and interested in increasing efficiency can leave a lasting positive effect on a growing company. Processes built in this way can be more effective as employees with intimate, hands-on knowledge helped design them.

5. Level Playing Field

Many of the growing CPG companies are taking advantage of how E-commerce is creating an equal playing field between the established players and the up-and-comers. While in the past, CPG companies required the partnerships of retailers to get their products into the hands of consumers, today companies can market and sell directly to their consumers.

The level playing is appealing to CPG talent, as the risk of joining a smaller company is not quite as dangerous as it was in the past. Smaller companies can grow and succeed easily, without the need for a brick-and-mortar presence. Many companies can also allow for remote work, allowing for more flexible hours to meet the needs of their customers.

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