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5 Tips for Landing Top Talent in a Candidate-Driven Market

Competition for top talent is fierce. When a candidate decides to open themselves to new opportunities and a potential role change, companies that provide a great interview experience will set themselves apart.

The key is to be consistent and never make decisions about someone during the interview process. Treat everyone as though they are the most sought-after individual in the market. Make the experience so positive that you create recruiting partners and champions for your company with every interview.

Below are 5 ways your company can ensure that they won’t miss out on landing great talent.

1. Provide Complete and Detailed Information.

Candidates are nervous about interviews. Provide complete and detailed information such as your address, directions for parking, where to check in, and who they should ask for at check-in.

The level of detail the company provides will reflect on the company’s overall interest in supporting their employees and ensuring they are successful. The first impression of an organization begins with the invitation to interview.

2. Make the Interview Process Efficient

The efficiency of the interview will reflect on how well prepared the company is, and how interested they are in the candidate. Starting late, last minute changes, large gaps between interview sessions, and even not being offered something to drink all reflect on how important this meeting and the candidate is to the employer.

Avoid giving the impression that now is not really the best time for the company to interview the candidate. If multiple people will be meeting with the candidate, ensure that the same questions are not being asked multiple times.

3. Sell the Candidate and Promote Your Brand

The best companies interview every candidate as though they will be the companies next hire. Each interviewer should promote your company’s strongest qualities, the reasons they personally chose the organization, and why they continue to be a part of the team.

While the candidate in front of you may not be the right fit for the immediate role you are looking to fill, in the candidate-driven market we find ourselves in, you must consider how the candidate will convey their interview experience to their family, friends, social network, past colleagues, and future colleagues. Every candidate should leave the interview with a strong positive opinion of the organization, and a desire to join the organization now and in the future.

4. Make Hiring Decisions Quickly

If you interview a great candidate, don’t wait, move forward. Chances are if they are considering you, they are considering other job opportunities as well. While there are many components to a desirable job offer – the efforts at the front end of the process as listed above can put your company at the very top of the candidate’s shortlist.

5. Follow Up

For candidates that you are interested in hiring – follow up. For candidates that you are not interested in hiring – follow up. The unqualified candidate you see today could be the rock star that can take your company to the next level tomorrow. Candidate experience is everything.

Organizations and individuals frequently promote their organization less, provide less information about the role and its requirements, and show lower energy and enthusiasm levels with a candidate that is appearing to be unqualified for the role. Maybe they don’t want to communicate that “It’s a no” on a hiring decision. While it comes from a good place, it’s very counterproductive to the organization’s brand and reputation; especially in a very candidate-centric employment market.

Show the same energy to every candidate you interview; their experience today could be the key to future hires for your company. At Versique, we’re dedicated to providing your company with the best talent available. Contact us today to learn more about our placement process.


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